There’s nothing more romantic than an evening beneath the moon with your significant other. The smell of grass, the cold kiss of a light wind, the moon lighting up the leaves through the trees. We thought we would create a step-by-step guide on having a memorable evening, suspended between trees and lightly bouncing in the arms of a Tentsile.

Step 1: The Location

As you will be spending your evening in a Tentsile Tree Tent or hammock, you will need some trees. You may not be spending the night and just having a few hours in nature, so pick a scenic spot if you’re doing the latter. Try to find an area that has an open canopy, so you can both lay and count the stars together – maybe try and see some constellations and spark up some conversation on astrology. If you are in a state/region that allows fires, make sure you pick an area that is free from excess debris. Sparks may be flying between the two of you, but you don’t want them alighting your surroundings.

Step 2: The Tent/Hammock

As there are two of you, all you need for a romantic getaway is a 2-person hammock. Luckily for you, there is a nice selection of Tentsile Tree Tents and hammocks to choose from. The most lightweight Tree Tent is the Flite 3.0, a perfect size for 2 people and super easy to set up. It’s partnering hammock is the T-Mini, that provides the perfect space to relax while keeping you close. The Connect is a little larger than the Flite and provides more space for activities. It’s partnering hammock is the Duo, which is one of our most popular tree hammocks. Both tree tents are encased in an insect mesh and have openings on either side, so you can both lay back and look up to the sky without any obstruction.

Step 3: Accessorizing

Make your date-spot that little bit more romantic with the addition of a few accessories, just to fuel the fire that beats within your hearts. Fairy lights are pretty and provide a nice backlight to your evening. We have LuminAID Solar Powered lanterns on our website that are perfect for hanging inside the roof of your tree tent so you can both be able to look into each other’s eyes. Stay comfortable for a longer period with a Skypad, our inflatable mattress. Stay cosy and warm with some blankets, even line your entire Tree Tent or hammock floor with quilts for that extra homeliness. And of course, a warm campfire will give the feeling that you’re truly out in the sticks with your loved one.

Step 4: Treats

You can’t have a romantic evening without snacks, or even a meal! We’re not saying a bottle of red and your finest spaghetti bolognaise, unless that’s something you’re both into then why not! Make use of your campfire with s’mores, or toasted marshmallows. A cup of hot chocolate (with a shot of baileys if you’re feeling adventurous) with a hamper flowing with chocolates, biscuits and other snacks. Treat your loved one with some flowers to keep atop your suspended Tree Tent or hammock too, because who doesn’t like flowers?

Step 5: Enjoy

Kick back and enjoy your night together. Just you, your s/o and your Tentsile. Beneath the light of the moon and stars, and nobody else around - but the squirrels in the trees. Who knows, maybe this could be the start of a regular experience between you? Maybe one day you could head out and have a real camping trip together now you’re acquainted with your Tentsile. We hope you have a fantastic Valentines, and make sure you make your wish if you see a shooting star!

Tentsile Range

Jack Thomson