From starry nights in Hawaiian palm trees to winter picnics in an Oxfordshire beech, there's no doubt that Tentsiles are versatile, adaptable and add magic to outdoor adventures, no matter where you go.  We're devoting this blog post to some of the many fantastic customers who take our tents out to play and send us envy-making pictures of the results. 


Photo courtesy of Travis Burke

The picture above was taken in Hawaii and features our friend and champion, Ryan Robinson.  Professional adventurer, slack-lining expert and all-round inspiration, Ryan often takes Tentsiles to places nobody else has taken them.  If the picture above doesn't make you want to pack up your tent, head for the seaside and get stuck into sandy camping and all natural ocean sounds, we don't know what will.

Photo courtesy of Parrish Phillips

Another amazing thing about the feedback from our customers? It's shown us our products are truly as family-friendly as we always hoped they would be.  The above shows Parrish Phillips and co turning a Tentsile setup into a party, and this is what they had to say about it. 

"Well... After several days testing out our new Tentsile gear, we are in love. We have named her 'The Ravens nest'...this is the best money I have ever spent in gear. I've never been in a camping trip where everyone wants to hang out in the tent and not by the fire... So much fun! I'll be ordering levels for 'The Ravens Nest' very soon!"

Photo courtesy of Richard Symonds

Some people think you're mad if you go camping in early March in the UK, but we just think it's brilliant.  Richard Symonds and a group of his friends took their Tentsiles, firewood and lots of warm clothes and set up camp in a beech woodland a few weekends ago and had an amazing time, with wildlife, good food and not a trace of cold. You can read more about it here - you may well fancy giving it a go yourself.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Robinson

Another incredible shot from Ryan shows us what Tentsile can do when pushed to its limits.  As mentioned above, Ryan is a slack-lining pro, so this isn't advised if you're inexperienced in such things, but there's a multitude of other ways of getting something new and exciting from your tent with every trip you take.  We'll leave you hanging regarding the back story for this picture, as it'll be the subject of a blog in the very near future.

If this has whet your appetite for adventure, or if you're already sitting on a stash of amazing photos you'd like to share, please get in touch.  We always love receiving pictures to share on Facebook and Twitter, and you might even see them on future blogs as well. Grab your Tentsiles, grab your cameras, and get going!


Lucy Radford