Those of you who have read the About Us page will know that the beginning of Tentsile was for my love of treehouses. I practiced treehouse architecture for 15 years and worked with a number of the top treehouse architects / firms around the world. We did some amazing things and for those who want to know more, you can follow different links here.

All the companies I worked with were striving for the same thing; how to make a one-size-fits-all treehouse.?

Well, we have done our part to forward the mission to achieve this. But more importantly, we have found that most people want to be mobile. That is the ticket. A treehouse represents adventure, secrets, hide aways, playfulness, a magical immersion into the landscape, perhaps even escapism from the “normal” world. A different perspective.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        What they don't do is allow you to have all that, wherever you want it. Which is rarely at the bottom of the garden where the kids can find you, or you can hear the telephone ringing from inside, or your neighbour can spot you and strike up a friendly chat!


No, you want to be portable. To be able to take that treehouse, the comfort it provides, the "sanctuary", away to somewhere special, somewhere you can watch the river run past or somewhere you can watch the clouds forms over the mountains. That is why Tentsile was born. We love trees. We love treehouses. We love to feel free.


So even though there is a treehouse revolution in the air ( you may not know it, but I assure you there is ), as structural engineering becomes ever more advanced and materials become lighter, stronger, more insulating, better looking, etc, our minds here at Tentsile HQ, are firmly set in tents. Tents is where the real revolution in tree habitation will come from. Light and flexible, inexhaustibly versatile, interchangeable, upgradable, dismantle-able and most of all – portable. Tree tents... hmmm

Alex Shirley-Smith