How green is Tentsile really? The life cycle of a Tentsile tent:

Written By Kirk Kirchev - July 12 2015


June 12 2016

I really appreciate your honesty and passion of being green, Kirk! Thank you for being real and telling us this and asking for any green input! I love my vista tent and this post makes me love the company even more! I understand there are regulations and customer satisfaction you need to consider but sounds like the company is really trying the best they can.
I’m very ignorant on this subject but I’ve heard of hemp based plastic but haven’t looked too much into that. That’s the best I got.

Rich Painting
February 16 2016

Thanks for your honesty, very refreshing. Just to let you know, If you made a cotton one, id buy it… Organic cotton – i’d buy 2!
Is there really a need for every model to be lightweight? There is surely a market out there for family friendly, ‘glamping’, car camping, and even expedition base camps? Great design no doubt, but in this ever ‘greener’ market place can’t help but think that you’re missing a trick?

Ed Chargualaf
July 21 2015

Need price list on your tents and how to order. Thanks

Jaz Hereford
July 18 2015

Great post.

It’s so easy to avoid these issues, focus on the product you produce, and completely ignore the externalities. I really appreciate a company that constantly seeks to improve their processes, even if it means facing the dirty details.

So thank you, and I love my Connect.

PS. When it’s time to replace the straps and rainfly, I would love the option of reclaimed materials.

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