If you’re passionate about trees but your daily contact with them is limited to sitting at a wooden desk, it might be time for a career change.

These 5 careers are no walk in the park. But they do involve some rewarding walks through the woods, alongside work that is critical in supporting the health and growth of natural spaces.  

Turn your passion for trees into a job 

Here at Tentsile, we're passionate about protecting and celebrating trees. That's why we love to sleep in them! If you share our passion, you might want to consider one of these tree-related jobs. 

1. Arborist

An arborist, or "tree-surgeon," cultivates, manages, and studies trees and shrubs in order to improve the health and safety of the individual plants. The job can range from pruning, planting, and climbing into trees with ropes and harnesses, to working in an office on reports and consultations. 

If you love to see a plant grow and thrive, then you'll be well-suited for this career path in caring for trees. 

2. Landscape Architect

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For artsy types who love the outdoors, landscape architecture combines design and nature in making beautiful spaces. The lucky ones who make careers in this field get to spend a lot of time outside. Alongside design knowledge, they also have to know a lot about plants, so they can choose trees, shrubs, and flowers that will enhance spaces and thrive.

3. Forester

If you're passionate about conservation, a career in forestry could be an exciting and fulfilling path. Foresters are involved in the science and management of forests and protected areas. They work to ensure that outdoor recreation, hunting, logging, and other forest activities can exist in harmony with healthy forests. Foresters get to spend a lot of time in remote locations, so if you love the peace and quiet of the forest, this job might be for you. 

4. Environmental Grant Writer

Those who are crazy about trees but not so crazy about being outside 8 hours a day might be well suited for grant writing. With the power of the pen and a passion for all things natural, talented grant writers representing conservationists can make just as much of an impact as people who works in the field. 

5. Christmas Tree Farmer

If you like the idea of bringing joy to children and their families -- all bright-eyed and rosy cheeked, looking for the perfect Christmas tree each December -- Christmas tree farming might be your thing. You'll need a lot of land and a serious dedication to starting your own farm, but helping out on an established farm can be a faster entry-point to this merry-making industry. 

We think it's important to follow your passions. And if you love trees, working with them is a great way to do that. We love that we're in the business of helping people sleep among the trees in our awesome Tentsile Tree Tents. And for every tent we sell, we support the planting of trees around the world to help keep our forests strong and growing! 

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