The way we choose to spend our leisure time has changed dramatically over the past few years. From mandatory lockdowns to self imposed isolation - it’s been a strange time to live through, to say the least. One of the few positive outcomes to emerge from an otherwise difficult period, is that many people have found their passion for the Outdoors rekindled. Suddenly, the idea of being in a crowded space - a bustling city, or a concert venue packed to the rafters - has lost some of its appeal. We’ve learnt to appreciate personal space, and for lots of us the idea of squeezing into a restaurant booth or queuing like sardines to get served at a bar just doesn’t cut it anymore. That’s all well and good when it comes to heading out for a casual weekend jaunt, but where does that leave us when planning our perfect Valentines date?! Well - what better time to try something new.

This year, why not ditch the cliche bunch of roses and opt outside instead. Besides, what could be more romantic than a date in a secluded forest! Here’s our itinerary for a perfect date in the trees…

1. Plan out your location ahead of time. You’re looking for somewhere peaceful off the beaten track (stunning view is optional, but highly recommended). Perhaps pick a spot that doesn’t require a couple hours rock scrambling to get there – unless your date is into that of course! Look for three strong trees you can anchor your hammock or Tree Tent to, and as always, make sure you’re permitted to set up there.

2. Pack your Tentsile! If you’re venturing out by car, the Connect Tree Tent is the perfect option. Or for those heading out on foot, the Flite Tree Tent will be best for the job as it’s lighter, so is much easier to carry in your backpack. Both of these Tree Tents are built for two, and on a clear evening you can whip off the rainfly and lay back to soak up that starlit sky. Or leave it on, if you like your privacy… All of our two-person tents and hammocks have up to 20% off until 14th Feb, so treat yourself (and your date!) to a Valentines gift that will keep on giving for seasons to come.

What’s more, we’re doubling our tree planting for each one sold between now and Valentines day – 20 trees for you, 20 for your date! If you ask us, there is no trait more compelling than an environmental conscience, and it makes for a great conversation starter if you find yourself lost for words... Read up on our tree planting efforts here

3. Make a hamper full of treats - chocolates, snacks, and a bottle of your favourite tipple should do the trick.

4. Worried that the cold weather might dampen the mood? Layer up, and pack a snuggly blanket so you can get cosy! A flask of hot chocolate with some marshmallows to sprinkle on top is always a welcome addition after a chilly walk too.

5. Some solar lighting might be on the cards if you’re heading out after dusk - nothing says romance like some warming fairy lights to decorate your pop-up shelter. And a torch so you can find your way back safely!

6. Make it fun! Setting up a Tree Tent is a great activity to bond over – if it’s your first time watch our Youtube guides ahead of time to learn the ropes, or if you’re an experienced Tentsile camper, show off those ratcheting skills and get the set up pitch perfect.

7. An added option for the creative among you – make it a treasure hunt! Set up some clues and your date will no doubt love the challenge of searching out the hidden treasure that is your secret Tree Tent site!

So there you have it – Valentines day, sorted! Take some snaps of your picture perfect date in the trees and don’t forget to share them on our Instagram with #Tentsile23 – you might even make it onto our page (another sure fire way to impress your date!). Above all: have fun, be safe, and may this be the first of many adventures you’ll share together. Good luck, our budding Romeos and Juliets!

Kirstie Grego