A New Year’s Resolution: Tentsile aims for 1 MILLION people in trees!

So, what’s the vision? Where are we going?

Mmm…Good point!

And maybe for a moment it felt like we might have forgotten. With summer sales going crazy, videos going viral, and requests from retailers ringing off the hook, Tentsile life was starting to become all about the making, the shipping, the scheduling and the invoicing. And if we didn’t catch ourselves, everything else could have got lost by the wayside. Easily done. And something that can often happen with the excitement of early success…

But luckily enough with such a strong and dedicated team behind us, it was all brought back on track! Tentsile. A dream in the making!

We love trees. We plant trees. It’s as simple as that – no ifs, no buts, no complications. Tentsile hopes to inspire people around the world to understand and enjoy trees - for the magical and majestic organisms that they are, standing strong over eons, and hosting complete ecosystems and thousands of species within their canopies. Tentsile wants people to understand trees, to interact with them, to protect them - for us, for our children, for the future of a sustainable planet.

And so we’re going all out. We’re committing root and branch. We’re setting ourselves a new challenge, a Tentsile Challenge: From January 2017, we will aim to get 1 MILLION people camping in trees within the next 5 years. That’s right, 1 million people, 5 years. Who said ambition was for the faint-hearted?

How we get there? We don’t know. Will we get there? We don’t know. But we should try. And we know one thing for sure: I have camped in a tree - a few times, actually. So that’s at least one person. And I know both of my brothers have also. So that’s another two. And their partners and children. That makes at least ten. And most of the team have hung out in a tree too, of course, and many of their friends. Then let’s not forget all the customers that have bought a tent (who, by the way, have also helped us plant over ten thousand trees so far). In fact, all told, our tally is climbing fairly quickly; we estimate around 53,000 people since the first Tentsile was sold – and that’s no mean feat. A million is a long road, admittedly. But at least we’re on it. And heading in the right direction.

And you can join us. You can become one of us. You can become a tree sleeper. Grab a tent, share a tent, borrow a tent; hang out among the leaves. Stand up and be counted. Spread the word. Send in your pictures or email us your name. Join the list and join our Tribe. Know that you are doing your bit to help our planet. Tentsile needs YOU! So let us know. And remember, as long as we are hanging out in trees, they can’t chop them down! Watch our journey. Become part of the journey. Become One Of The Million!

Keep up with our tree-planting and people-counting by logging in and reading our monthly updates. Here. We. Go…!


Jethro Shirley-Smith