#ChallengeTony: One Man, One Island, One Vision - Tentsile Experience Camp Number 4 Is Open!

 Hidden among the 1300 islands of the Luleå archipelago is a magical place to escape, a place to find deserted beaches and spend a night camping in the midnight sun of Northern Sweden. Just imagine: during winter, these islands sit icebound and isolated. Then, when the 24hour summer sunlight arrives, all of Luleå comes alive! Birds take to the sky, fish fill the water and the islands overflow with flowers and berries. Now, for the very first time, the Tentsile Tribe can experience this remote beauty for themselves, as #ChallengeTony brings you our FOURTH official Tentsile Experience Camp! That’s right- he’s done it! Our man is making waves. Now fully operational and receiving guests, come outside and relax at The Nest, Sweden!

While Luleå is just one of the beautiful locations we dream of setting up Tentsile Experience Camps, Tony knows it takes vision, hard work, and a lot of energy - part of the ‘challenge’ in #ChallengeTony! Come to The Nest and meet its inspirational creator, Shane Doolin, the Australian who packed up a life of travel and adventure upon falling in love with the wilds of Swedish Lapland. After months of messaging, emailing and calling, Tony has worked with Shane to set up a truly special Tentsile Experience Camp that allows you to elevate your experience in a whole new way… 

Captain of his very own hover-craft, Shane has explored all of the local Islands, through sun, storms and freezing winters. He’s become a familiar face to the local islanders, a specialist on the local cuisine and the expert we needed to find the perfect place for the Tentsile Tribe! Together, Tony and Shane have thought of everything: they’ve checked and double-checked health and safety standards; they’ve established protocols and procedures; they’ve set up ecological sanitation and gotten all of the gear for camping in the north – Shane’s even fixed up a boat to ferry visitors. An incredibly long to-do list – but they did it! Checked and Completed!

And now Shane’s ready to show you around his island home and share the fruits of his labours with you! Travelling to The Nest, just 25 minutes from the mainland, lets you experience the full night sky as the Northern lights and Milky way are revealed, free from light pollution. All of this while the gentle sound of lapping waves washes away traces of city life. Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? Already Shane’s first guests have spotted a Moose and calf through the trees as the group picked fresh chantarelle mushrooms for their fry-up breakfast! Wild!









Whether it’s a chilled getaway you’re looking for, or an action packed adventure, Shane and his team want to cater your experience to you. Kayaks, fat bikes, Stand Up Paddleboards and more are available, with a little swimming and fishing to finish off the day. You can decide how active you want to be. Or maybe you feel the breathtaking scenery, fresh air and local food enough to stimulate and fulfil your experience?

So ‘grattis’ Shane and Tony! (That’s Swedish for ‘congratulations’) as Tentsile Experience Camp #4 is in full swing, click here to start your next adventure…

Coming Soon… Mallorca! Number 5!

Tony and the family team at Son Roig, Mallorca have their Tentsile Experience Camp grand opening on August 14th. A lush private oasis in the hills? Mediterranean sun? A trip to Mallorca? What a tough life for Tony…









July 27, 2017 — Alex Shirley-Smith

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