Firstly off, we would like to thank you all for believing in Tentsile. Your enthusiasm, praise and support has been overwhelming these past few months. June 2016 broke all kinds of records and took us all by surprise! We went viral with over 150m views of various edits of the film we made of YOUR content, we have had an upsurge in sales so large that we are currently battling a 800 tent back log ( thank you for your patience ), and we have seen retailers coming back for more stock again and again and again....

To cope with this massive demand, we are having to move the factory, increase staff and work around the clock on 3 continents. The whole team is excited to be part of this camping revolution and our partners, collaborators and retailers have been taken completely off guard. REI sold out after we became the second best selling product of this Summer and our website was the second most visited camping website in the world, after Northface ( for the month of June, according to the index).

The spike we experienced in June has since settled down but we are still catching up and trying hard to reduce waiting lists – not easy when you are being asked to supply the insatiable appetite of the retailers at the same time! There has also been a darker side that surfaced during this period – Facebook sites and individuals started to try their hand at blackmail! “Pay us a % for the traffic we are generating or we will ruin your company's reputation online!” We couldn't believe it. Fake reviews have been posted and slanderous claims made another battleground we will have to learnt o negotiate. “The best of times, the worst of times” – as Charles Dickens would say!

Alex Shirley-Smith