Hammocks have come a long way since the traditional roped and netted variety that required you to master the art of tying multiple kinds of knots. Hammock straps, on the other hand, are a quick and easy alternative that don’t force you to carry and rig up ropes every time you want to hang a hammock. Owning just one set of hammock straps will make setting up camp a breeze

What Are Hammock Straps?

Hammock straps or Tree Protector Straps come in a variety of lengths and work by attaching the hammock to a tree via a loop and carabiner system. The best hammock straps are made from durable webbing and contain multiple loops so you can easily adjust the hammock based on the spacing of the trees. Hammock straps are also super versatile and will even allow you to secure your hammock to boulders or the roof rack of your car—since nature won’t always provide you with two perfectly spaced trees.

Why Hammock Straps are Better Than Ropes

How To Use Hammock Straps

Hammock straps are more secure than ropes and they don’t require any complicated knots. Hammock straps are also better and safer for trees. They’re wider than ropes so they distribute the weight of the hammock over a greater area, limiting any long term damage to the tree. Using Tree Protector Wraps underneath Tree Protector Straps offers even greater protection to sensitive tree bark. Plus, Tentsile even offers a Leave-No-Trace Kit that includes 3 tree protector wraps, 3 straps, and 3 steel carabiners!

Some state and national parks have regulations on hanging hammocks. Some require you to have a certain width of hammock strap, while others may require that you use additional tree protector straps to prevent damaging the bark. Make sure to check local guidelines and pack accordingly whenever you’re going hammock camping.

Do Hammocks Come With Hammock Straps? 

Some hammocks come with straps, others you may need to purchase separately. Even if your hammock came with straps, it’s a good idea to purchase a few extras. Extra hammock straps can come in handy for hanging gear or using around the campsite. The Tentsile Tree Tent and Hammock range all come with three sturdy polyester hammock straps but also three tree protector straps and a heavy-duty ratchet buckle—creating a taut sleeping bay for two people.

Hammock Straps How To Use Them

How To Find the Best Hammock Straps

When it comes to hammock straps, the longer the better. If you plan to backpack with your hammock and are concerned about pack weight, purchase a shorter strap for backpacking trips and go with a longer strap for car camping trips. All hammock straps on the market are rated to a particular weight, so make sure to check this info before you buy—you definitely don’t want to hang your 2-person hammock with straps specifically made to support 1-person. Lastly, remember that even though hammock straps are very durable it’s always a good idea to check them for wear before each use.

How to Use Hammock Straps 

How to use hammock straps

To use, simply wrap your straps around a tree. Hammock straps typically have loops on each end, so you will feed one loop through the other and then pull tight to anchor the strap to the tree. Next, you’ll typically use a carabiner to attach the loop on the hammock strap to a loop on the hammock—and voila—your hammock has been quickly and safely secured to the tree. If you have one of Tentsile’s Tree Hammocks, you’ll have an extra ratchet buckle to easily adjust the tension for ultimate comfort.

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