About 9 million acres of land burned in wildfires this year, and that number is still growing. With so many communities affected by the horrible tragedy of fire this year, there are many opportunities to help affected communities.

If you're interested in helping those who may have lost loved ones, homes, or possessions due to the expansive forest fires this holiday season (or any time of year), check out these organizations... 

Help the Victims of the Northern California Wildfires

More than 75,000 individuals were evacuated this past fall when fires raged through Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino counties. One unique way to help is to help out local animal shelters. Wine County Animal Lovers can use your donations to help with treating and finding homes for animals affected by the fire.

Pacific Northwest Fire Victims Relief

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This year, the Pacific Northwest suffered terrible fires that ravaged both Oregon and Washington. Many people lost their homes, and national forests were devastated. You can donate to the Northwest Region Red Cross to help victims of these fires. 

If you live near the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, where the Eagle Creek fire destroyed a beloved region for hiking and outdoor recreation, you can find volunteer opportunities with Friends of the Columbia Gorge

Help Victims Recover from the Montana Wildfires

With over 1,500 fires ravaging across the state of Montana this year, the communities could use all the help they can get with rebuilding efforts. 406 Family Aid Foundation helps those who are experiencing economic hardship due to the western Montana fires. Farmers lost their crops, families lost their homes, and people are still trying to sort through the mess. Every little bit helps in these smaller communities.

Volunteer Your Time

Are you a local in any of the areas affected by this year’s wildfires? The fires may be out, but organizations still need a helping hand. Connect with local fire stations, animal shelters, Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross branches, churches, and other community groups to see how you can help the victims of these fires.

Unfortunately, the wildfire season hasn't ended yet. Currently, there are flames raging between Los Angeles and San Diego in Southern California, so keep your eyes on the news and new ways to help.  

Together, as an outdoor community, we can do a lot for our neighbors and our forests this holiday season. 

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