We’ve always encouraged our customers to be conscious of their eco-footprint when enjoying the great outdoors. After all, our Tree Tents inspire campers to tread lightly on the earth, and help minimise the environmental impact of their adventures.

That’s why we’re very proud to announce Tentsile’s second year of partnership with Leave No Trace Centre for Outdoors Ethics. Together, we work to protect the natural environment, and share learning on how best to treat the great outdoors with the love and respect it deserves.   

We hope that everyone using our Tree Tents will join us in adopting the Leave No Trace principles, so we’ve put together a few pointers to help our customers enjoy their Tentsile responsibly. If you’d like more information on tree health and anchor point selection, you can also take a look at our Visual Tree Assessment guide.

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To celebrate our partnership we’re even launching a brand new product! The No Trace Kit is an accessory to use alongside our Tree Tents, which minimises their impact even further. This clever kit cushions the bark to reduce the risk of disturbance and means you don’t have to worry about damaging the delicate bark on some species, so you can safely pitch your Tentsile on any strong, healthy tree.

What’s more, to mark the occasion we’ll be giving away a Tentsile Stingray and a No Trace Kit to one lucky reader! Simply sign up to become a Leave No Trace member by April 23rd for your chance to win. For more info on this, and the pioneering work that Leave No Trace do all year round, check out their website.

Kirstie Grego