Our Tent and Hammock walls are a great addition to your Tentsile setup or as a wind breaker in the backyard or on the beach. They offer incredible versatility to any base camp.

Tent Wall Uses

The trapezium tent walls were created to add extra protection to your tree tent. They are weatherproof, making them an excellent choice for those who have a Tentsile stack (a tree tent above a hammock) or tree tent. Adding a wall to each side of the stack will enclose the gap between the Tree Tent and the hammock, making the enclosed area a tent itself! A tent underneath your tent! This makes your stack able to sleep double the number of people than the tree tent, or creates a cosy living space to spend your time while sheltered from the wind and rain. The walls create separate camping levels, and using walls with your stack, you are essentially creating three levels to relax in - the tree tent, the hammock and the ground under the hammock!

Walls Around a Tree Tent

The tent walls aren't just for stacks, however. When setting up a tree tent, there's a space beneath that is unused. With a Connect for example, when connecting a wall on 2 sides, you will turn that unused open space into living space that offers protection from the wind and rain. So you are able to set up your camping stove and cook, read a book sat in your camping chair, or just hang out with your fellow campers while comfortably protected from the elements!

Tent Wall Flite Hack

Here's a hack for those with a Flite, or those thinking of getting a lightweight 2-person tree tent. You can wrap one single wall around the two long sides of the Flite to provide further shelter under the tree tent - perfect for cooking something tasty up on your stove! If used with one of Ground Conversion Kits, you have yourself a large protected dry storage space too!

So there you have it, great uses for our multi-purpose walls this Spring.

Jack Thomson