As part of Tentsile’s growing range of products, this November we’re releasing the Insulated Cabin for the Stingray 3-person tree tent. The cabin is designed to be used with the tree tent and a Trillium or Ground Conversion Kit, and creates a warm, soft, breathable structure for use in cooler weather.

The Cabin can be used in ground or air mode (see below for further details) and gives you extra living and or sleeping space when car camping. Internally, the Cabin features plenty of storage and access points as well as double layered windows for ventilation while still providing bug proof protection.

The Cabin is great for anyone who still wants to get out camping in the cooler months, and the modular features allow you add further layers for more insulation and protection from the elements.

Key Features

  1. Insulated

As the name suggests, the Insulated Cabin provides an insulated ‘den’ for all weather campers. The outer fabric is made from breathable 40D polyester fabric which gives the Cabin a super soft feel. While the 200g/gsm hollowfibre polyester filling provides a soft cushion as well as an R-Value of 2.7 (this is a measure of insulation). Once set-up and inside, the Cabin creates a really warm, cosy camping set-up.

  1. Ground or Air Mode

Like all our tree tents, the Insulated Cabin be set-up off the ground in ‘air’ mode, or on the ground like a traditional tent. The same goes for the Cabin.

Air Mode – when used off the ground, the Cabin requires a Stingray tree tent as well as a Trillium (mesh or fabric). The Cabin then sits on top of the Trillium, while the Stingray sits above with the Cabin roof attaching to the underside of the tree tent.

Ground Mode – using a Ground Conversion Kit, you can sit the Cabin on the ground to provide a bucketed waterproof layer, while the Stingray tree tent goes above for you to attach the Cabin to the underside of the tree tent.

With both options, you are able to create:

  1. two levels within your camping set-up giving you more space – we call this a ‘stack’.
  2. whether on the ground or in the air, the Cabin also provides a under-quilt solution for the Stingray, as the underside is protected from drafts.
  1. Easy Access

If you were wondering how you’d get in and out of the Cabin, there are several options.

  1. In Air mode you can use the built-in central hatch allowing to get in and out through the underside of the tree tent.
  2. In Ground mode, the cabin features a zipped door in one corner for easy access in or out. The door can also be rolled back to provide air flow if needed.

As well as a door and central hatch, the Cabin also features three windows, each with an additional layer of no-see-um insect mesh so you can roll back the windows to let light and air in, while still keeping creepy crawlies out!

  1. Storage

To help keep your things neat, tidy and secure, the Cabin features storage pockets in the three bottom corners, as well as window pockets.

The ceiling also features loft lofts where you can hang your lantern or other belongings to keep them out of the way.

  1. Modular

As with all Tentsile products, the Cabin has been designed to be modular and work with lots of different products.


  1. Double Bubble – you can add a double bubble around the outside of the Cabin to provide extra insulation and;
  2. New Trapezium Walls – these now zip together in each corner helping to create a more water-tight, draft-proof enclosure.
  3. Inner Quilt – to help create extra warmth within the Stingray, add an Inner Quilt to provide not only a softer, cosier floor to the tent, but also extra insulation.

The Insulated Cabin offers a great all-weather car camping solution, as well as being perfect for families worried about the little ones getting cold at night!

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Happy camping!

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Jessica Reading