Tentsile Launches First Tree Tent and Hammock Made from Plastic Reclaimed from the Ocean

To celebrate World Ocean Day, we’re launching our new Ocean range - the Ocean UNA hammock tent and Ocean Hammock, both made from reclaimed ocean plastic.

What makes these products special?

  • Ocean UNA is made from the equivalent of 128 plastic bottles.
  • Ocean Hammock is made from the equivalent of 31 plastic bottles.
  • Made from undyed material which uses 70% less water in the production process and;
  • Uses zero chemical dyes which pollute our waterways.
  • For every Ocean product you buy, we take an additional 2lbs of plastic out of the ocean in the fight to help plastic pollution – read our blog on plastic pollution here.

Ocean UNA

The eco-friendly tent and hammock feature a smaller environmental footprint, while still rich in features providing the best camping experience in the trees.

The one-person Tentsile Ocean UNA is the world’s first tree tent made from reclaimed ocean plastic and uses Tentsile’s signature three-point anchor system to suspend the tent off the ground, creating the ultimate flat-lay hammock system. Perfect for front, back or side sleepers! Plus, the double layered floor means you can even add sleeping pad between the layers for added protection and comfort.

The fabric of the Ocean UNA is made from reclaimed ocean plastic and uses the equivalent of 128 plastic bottles to produce the fabric. The Ocean UNA comes in one color – white, because it is made from undyed fabric which uses 70 percent less water in the production process and zero chemical dyes.

This lightweight solo tree tent weighs in at only 5.1lbs making it ideal for day hikes and shorter backpacking trips. Or, why not set it up in the backyard and enjoy the comforts closer to home.

Take me to the Ocean UNA

Ocean Hammock

The Ocean Hammock has been designed to be a low environmental impact product. It’s made from reclaimed ocean plastic which is the equivalent of 31 plastic bottles. And just like the Ocean UNA comes is one color – white, to avoid water waste and unnecessary chemical dyes polluting our waters.

The hammock comes in a built-in stuff sack which doubles up as a storage pocket, plus a smaller pocket perfect for keeping your smaller items safe.  Weighing in at only 1.3lbs, this lightweight hammock is the perfect companion for a day at the beach, the park, or a day hike.

With built in straps too, you’ll never lose or forget them and it makes for a super simple set-up!

Take me to the Ocean Hammock

As with all Tentsile products, the Ocean tree tent and hammock come packaged with zero single-use plastic, so for the eco-conscious camper out there, the Ocean UNA and Hammock are your must haves for this camping season. And with Father’s Day just around the corner (Sunday 19th June) these would make a thoughtful, low-impact gift.

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Jessica Reading