World Tentsile Day

World Tentsile Day – Saturday 19th June 2021

This year Tentsile will launch an annual celebration of the outdoors, being in nature and of course, hanging out in Tentsile Tree Tents and Hammocks! We are inviting you to make the most of the great outdoors by spending time out in your Tentsile on the longest weekend of the year, whether it’s out in the remote wilderness, or in your own backyard.

As well as celebrating all things camping, tree tents and hammocks – not that we need an excuse – this is an opportunity to bring people together in a collective camp out like never before.

As part of World Tentsile Day we will be planting an extra five trees for every tree tent hammock purchased, plus one more for every photo posted on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter with the hashtag #WorldTentsileDay so it’s never been easier to help protect the environment, even while kicking back in your hammock!

Since launching Tenstile in 2015, it has always been our primary mission to help conserve the world’s forest and raise awareness of their continued destruction. As part of World Tentsile Day, our founder and inventor wanted to call upon the Tentsile community to help us raise awareness of the dangers of continued deforestation. With only 20% of our planet’s old growth forests still intact, the “lungs of the earth” are vital to our continued survival.  We need your help to curb the current trend.

So, on June 19th, 2021, get out into the trees in your Tentsile and help inspire an appreciation of our trees in your local community and beyond.

Check out our blog with giveaway partner Osprey Europe on Sustainability in the Outdoors.



We’ll also be running a giveaway with some awesome outdoor brands. Enter the sweepstake through the website here and you could win:

Osprey Europe

The Aether AND Ariel backpack

Ideal for anyone in need of a pack with a fine-tuned fit, the Aether/Ariel Series fits a variety of body shapes and sizes. A Custom Fit-on-the-Fly Hipbelt, Shoulder Straps and adjustable torso length offers a fine-tuned fit and an injection-moulded backpanel delivers breathable, close-to-body performance. Made with bluesign®-approved nylon and PFC-free DWR. Raincover included.



The Versa luxe blanket AND Large drift pillow

Versa Luxe: Everything you love about the award-winning Versa Blanket, now with a technical high-loft fleece inside. The blanket stores easily in the foot box, creating the perfect pillow. As a 58 x 80 inch blanket, it can completely surround one person, or be shared with a friend. Corner snaps, a cinch cord on one end and foot box on the other create a sleep system. Engineered for versatility. The outside soft touch ripstop serves as a barrier for the elements, while the soft fleece keeps you warm and cozy.


FREE 3-month subscription to the Nomadik 

Nomadik deliver premium outdoor gear straight to your door in a handy monthly subscription box. Each month you’ll receive a selection of outdoor goodies from top brands. Nomadik even tailor their boxes to a monthly theme and the seasons.


The 2-person T-mini hammock

Our lightweight double camping hammock. Everything you need in a couple’s hammock complete with anti-roll system and in-built storage pockets.

2 hydroflasks

Stay hydrated as you explore. An adventure essential.

So join the Facebook event, tell your friends and follow the hashtag #worldtentsileday to see what Tentsile users are getting up to across the globe on 19th June. 

See you in the trees!  

Competition now closed - Thanks for taking part!

Tentsile Range
June 17, 2021 — Hannah Hughes


Teresa Lalonde

Teresa Lalonde said:

Ty for the chance.

Travis Tikka

Travis Tikka said:


Trae Durden

Trae Durden said:

Thanks for the opportunity!

Jennie DiAlessandro

Jennie DiAlessandro said:

How exciting!! We have been looking at Tentsile Tents for a few years now, watching them grow and evolve. We have been debating if a camper or Tentsile is for our family and feel that Tentsile is to be the right fit!

john mcdonnell

john mcdonnell said:

Very cool 🤓 🐼☘️☘️☘️


Jonathan said:

Looks like an awesome giveaway. I love klymits static v sleeping pad.

David DeSau

David DeSau said:

Nice stuff

Christopher Bailey

Christopher Bailey said:

This is a cause and mindset we should all take. I support World Tentsile Day!

Christopher Bailey

Christopher Bailey said:

This is a cause and mindset we should all take. I support World Tentsile Day!

Carrie Selin

Carrie Selin said:

Hip hip



nice outing!!!!

Emily Mack

Emily Mack said:

Amazing giveaway! This would be a great gift pack for a graduate


Dana said:

Fashion, function in a nature trip is ultimate for comfort and being organized.

Linda Jackson

Linda Jackson said:

Your gear is premium!


Pam said:

Thanks for the giveaway and chance to rejuvenate!

Kevin Cullina

Kevin Cullina said:

Great prizes

Paula Davis

Paula Davis said:

Great Giveaway! Thanks for giving us a chance to win.

Gerrit Born

Gerrit Born said:

Big fan of the products!

Adam Leclerc

Adam Leclerc said:

Amazing giveaway from the best names in the industry, whom ever wins this will have an amazing opportunity, congratulations.


Josie said:

This would be amazing! My nurse friends and I have been trying to get outdoors more now that things have slowed for us and places are opening up.

James Ladd

James Ladd said:

Would love to win this camping contest.


Karla said:

love giveaways! thank you

william keys

william keys said:


Robert T Myers

Robert T Myers said:

I haven’t even received my two man connect yet but wow, I am excited! I have been using, testing and upgrading to the “better gear” for the past 20 years. So, after a lengthy discussion with my “bro” about hammocks and tree tents, the search was on! All of the customer feedback was positive! I have done my research! The verdict was in! Tensile “is” the “real deal” tent system. I can’t wait!! God Bless!! Be safe out there!!


Anna said:

I am so glad that World Tentsile Day is on the day of my birth!!!!!


Peter said:


Great concept and contribution to the nature.
Let me have a chance to be a part of your journey.

theresa kozak

theresa kozak said:

great products

Kimberly Anderson

Kimberly Anderson said:

So cool. Thanks for the opportunity!

Robin Stevenson

Robin Stevenson said:

I’m excited to be able to enter my son always entered for camping give aways he passed away 8 days ago at the age of 23 in a horrible car accident. I honestly don’t know how I’ll go on he was my best friend and my clone when I couldn’t do it he could.


Menno said:

Awesome hope alot of Trees will get planted becouse of this way to go tentsile

Roberto Contreras

Roberto Contreras said:

nice to win or getting something so nice

Laura Dillman

Laura Dillman said:

Outstanding Products.


William said:

Can’t wait to win!

Leah Bowser

Leah Bowser said:

I’ve just recently entered the world of camping and hiking. I instantly fell in love and try to get out often. Winning this giveaway, would help me be able to go out and do even more!

Adam Kuncel

Adam Kuncel said:

Looking forward to camping this year!

Michael Kjenstad

Michael Kjenstad said:

Destinations unknown is our motto and tentsile is our home away from home.

CA McDevitt

CA McDevitt said:

Looking forward to setting up my tentsile camp today to celebrate World Tentsile Day

Arielle Parker

Arielle Parker said:

Great tents

Rodrigo Mercado Molina

Rodrigo Mercado Molina said:

Tensile changed the way of living a camping experience.


Christine said:

What à great it would be to spend aventure with this tree tent in the south of France isn’t it ? 👍😍


Abel said:

For someone who came from a very poor family on a third world country, tentsile us already a luxury and heaven to me.



Kimberlina said:

I love using my hammock and would absolutely be thrilled to be chosen for this.


Liam said:

I’ve been looking for the perfect combo like this. I already have an osprey backpack and it is awesome. Now we were looking to buy one for my girlfriend so this would be awesome!

Also tentsile ur on my next list od buying!!
Your treetents are sick!

Greetings from Belgium

Noah H

Noah H said:

Bought the connect tree trent a few years ago, zero regrets. Has survived flash floods where fellow campers where nearly drowned, windstorms that have blown over regular tents. You are in a cocoon above the ground, absolutely incredible. Always remember, if the tents rockin, don’t come knocking.

Mari Finsen

Mari Finsen said:

We love your concept and our tent! Looking forward to follow all the photos during this weekend!


Harald said:

Love my single Tentsile! Time for a new for the whole family…?!

Oisin Lee

Oisin Lee said:

Love camping and hammocks. Tensile tents combine 2 of my favourite things. From the west coast of Ireland and all this gear would get great use this summer and every summer after

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