Tentsile Stack

Multi-Level Camping

Thanks to the 3-point anchor and anti-roll system, our Tree Tents and Giant Hammocks are already some of the comfiest tents you can find and offer a special camping experience.

However, you can make you camping holidays even more memorable by creating a Tentsile Stack.

The Tentsile Stack is a unique, multi-storey camping setup which combines a Tree Tent and Hammock to increases both the sleeping capacity and storage of your tree tent.

Stacks allow you to camp across multiple levels and give your family or friends a comfortable, spacious base-camp in which to have fun and to relax.

Below are a few examples of what our customers have created:

Tentsile Stack: Multi-Storey Camping

Tentsile Tree Tent Stack: Multi-Storey Camping
Tentsile Tree Tent Stack: Multi-Storey Camping
Tentsile Tree Tent Stack: Multi-Storey Camping
Tentsile Tree Tent Stack: Multi-Storey Camping

Tentsile Stack: Multi-Level Camping

Our Tensile Tree Tents and Giants Hammocks are built by skilled craftsmen and are designed to take more weight than any tent we know of. While the precisionengineering that goes into making our tents is complex, building your own Tenstile Stack isn't.

To create a basic 4-Person Stack you'll only need:

  • 1 x Flite or Connect 2-Person Tree Tent
  • 1 x T-Mini 2-Person Double Hammock

If you need something slighlty bigger, then you can build a 6-Person Stack using:

  • 1 x Stingray, Vista or Stealth 3-Person Tree Tent
  • 1 x Trillium Giant 3-Person Hammock

Our 3-Person Tree Tents includes an entry hatch in the centre, which makes going up and down stack levels fun and easy. You can make moving between your levels even simpler by adding a Webbing Ladder

Optional: If you'd like to upgrade your stack even further, add a Double-Bubble Insect Mesh to enclose the space between your hammock and tent. You can even include set of Tent Walls to create an enclosed space below your setup, perfect for storing your gear.

We've taken away the hard work and created a set of Tentsile Stack Bundles for you.

Portable Tree Houses

Tentsile was initially founded to create a range of portable tree houses for kids and adults that can be set up and taken down with ease.

The Tentsile Stack is an extension of that.

Whether you're not a DIY-afficianado, or you just don't fancy spending a weekend in the garden covered in sawdust and sweat, the Tentsile Stack can oslve your problem.

Using the setups outlined above, you can build the tree house your kids have dreamed of in less than an hour.

Tentsile Portable Treehouse