Campsite camping can be a great experience and differs from wild camping. On a holiday park, caravan park or tent camping park, there are many facilities within walking distance - so it's great for a family trip, or an initial experience to build your skills.

Bringing your own tree tent gives an air of 'glamping' without the 'glam' price tag, and you'll be the talk of the park! In this article we will cover tips for before, during, and after your trip to a campsite, so you can ensure you make the most of every night you’re there.

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Before your Campsite Trip

When planning your trip, research the campsites you wish to visit. The location of the site, when the trip will be, and what type of campsite it is. Maybe you want a site with a toilet or shower block? Or close-by woodland, meadows, or cliffs for spectacular views? Places of interest at night? Looking to entertain guests? Are you touring campsites?

Think about the time you are booking, and book ahead of time. Consider peak season and the price fluctuations, and budget accordingly. How many of you are there? Take a look at stacking multiple tents around one tree group so you can make the most out of our products, and you can have the most fun.

Wrap one of our double bubbles around to keep any pesky bugs from flying into your space, or get yourself some more underfloor storage to pack away shoes or other little bits so you never lose them. Maybe get yourself a hanging mesh pocket to pop your valuables in when you head to bed, or even lay an iPad or phone so you can watch your favourite shows at night while resting comfortably.

When you've found a campsite you really like, check their rules. Campsites will have a set of rules regarding tent sizes, whether you can bring pets, or even if you can use your tree tent. If you are unsure, contact them directly and ask if they have trees you can set up your suspended tree tent. (We have ground conversion kits if you don't have access to trees.) Certain species of tree are protected, so might require extra care such as our tree protector straps and wraps.

Plan and pack for the time you are taking out, and make sure you pack appropriately. When closer to the time, you can check the forecast and see if you need to bring spare clothes, or extra layers in cold weather. Represent Tentsile in one of our sustainable, comfortable, and warm jumpers if you want to. If it's due to be raining, check your rainfly and ensure it's all up to scratch. Invest in skypads for that additional comfort and warmth to a sleeping bag while you sleep in the tree tent.

If there are amenities, pack a wash bag with your toiletries. Supplies such as food and drink, and first aid. If possible, practice pitching your tent before leaving, so you don't spend most of our first day trying to work out how your tree tent works!

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During your Camping Trip

When you arrive at your campsite, locate a pitching site that suits your needs. A safe and well-covered area would be ideal. Check if there is enough space for kids to play, and adults to get involved or relax. See if there is enough space for a campfire if the campsite allows them (or if they have areas for a dedicated fire pit), and make sure you don't disturb other camp-goers with it.

Throughout your trip, try and respect the campsite by maintaining a clean pitch, and look after your gear. Keeping a clean pitch shows respect for your site and gives your suspended tent a nice stage for fellow campers to gape in awe at the beauty of it!

When driving, observe the speed limits to keep yourselves and other safe, and only park in campsite-permitted areas. Always read the rules, and that will ensure you have a fun, and undisturbed visit!

Check the campsite for activities for your kids, and for adults too. Get involved in group activities with fellow campers. Make some friends, show them what they are missing out on and give them a go on your tree tent!

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After your Holiday Experience

When you're coming to the end of your campsite/holiday park experience, double check your checkout times and plan your de-montage accordingly. Leave enough time to relax before your journey home. Ensure any waste you have accumulated is disposed of in the correct manner (recycle any plastics/metals you can!).

As a Tentsile user, try to stay on the same track as our ideals. Leaving no trace is a key part of our ethos and being able to pack up and leave the site as if you'd never been there is a great way to represent our tree tents and protect local wildlife.

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Jack Thomson