Tree Tent camping takes what we think about traditional camping and turns it on its head. The world looks different when elevated off the ground in a tree tent, opening up new possibilities and making camping trips much more exciting.

Laying on sturdy ripstop fabric, underneath the durable waterproof removable rain fly, encased in a breathable bug net - you're in for maximum comfort and an awesome time during your stay. The versatility of Tentsile Tree Tents can be pushed further with the plethora of options available when it comes to accessories.

In this guide, we will show you what products are available, and point you in the right direction to make the most out of your camping trip with Tentsile gear.

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Protective Accessories

Why might you need protective accessories? Mother nature is unpredictable, and you want your camping trip to go without a hitch. Whether an accident occurs that damages your tree tent, or perhaps your desired spot may be a little different to what you planned. When looking for protective accessories, keep in mind these key things to consider for tree tent camping gear:

  • Weatherproofing

  • Repair

  • Durability

  • Comfort

Pick out your preferred accessories depending on the kind of trip you have planned.

If the weather looks unpredictable: check your rain fly, is it good to go? If not - do you think it could be repaired, or does it need replacing? We offer both new rain flys and repair kits, depending on the damage you need fixing.

Are there multiple campers? Consider getting a canopy to interconnect your tree tents for extra protection from the elements and adding a communal element to your stay.

Need more storage space? Get yourself a tent wall to create an inner tent from your hanging tree tent.

Extra Gear

You may need extra gear for your expedition. You can't always plan for breakages, or your desired location may not have the necessary trees, or you may need more storage both during camping and away from the tent.

If you are without acceptable trees as per our guide, then a ground conversion kit will be perfect to turn your tree tent to a more traditional-style tent. Or, if you want that suspended experience, a stand will provide the optimum tension for the ultimate tree tent experience without needing trees at all!

Opening up a whole world of possibility, from cliffside and lakeside camping, to setting up camp in your own backyard.

Need a new bag that's weatherproof? Our 35L day backpack is made of the same material as our Safari line, meaning it will withstand a whole lot of bashing, rain, and scratches - keeping your belongings safe and sound. If your tent bag is looking a little worse for wear, store your tree tent safely by replacing it.

Tree tents missing a tent pole or ropes is a sad sight. Getting yourself an affordable tent repair kit would be a wise choice. There are many different spares on the website in case you are missing anything. For extra storage while pitched, under tent storage is a great choice as it will stay safe from wind and rain, so you're happy in the knowledge your valuables are safe.

Got yourself a double hammock or more, and planning to create a stack? Get yourself a ladder to be able to hop from one layer to the next.

Portable Camping Accessories

You may fit into a particular class of camper such as hikers, backpackers, or long-term campers. Depending on the type of camper you are, you may need more portable camping accessories alongside your tree tent.

When looking for these types of accessories, think about reducing your overall carry weight without compromising on the quality of your camping.

Various sleeping accessories are available which are lightweight and will provide you with the most comfort possible. Our skypads roll into a small size, weigh less than a kilogram, and you can blow it up yourself to create your bed in the air. Or you may wish to line the inside of your tent to further insulate and protect yourself.

If your tent is compatible, get a hatch cover to block that pesky bitter wind. Or get yourself an insect cover if any unwanted critters are cuddling up to you in the night.

To avoid damaging trees, especially those of protected species, getting yourself some no-trace gear will allow you to set up your tree tent without stripping the bark off the trees. We've partnered with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics to make sure we do everything we can to keep enjoying our forests for as long as possible.

Jack Thomson