You may or may not be new to tree tents. Unlike traditional ground camping, the possibilities are many due to the versatility of Tentsile Tree Tents, with a plethora of accessories to elevate your wild or campsite camping experience.

With a space between your tent and your rainfly, encased in a mesh bug net and rested upon a Skypad sleeping pad, you'll have a comfortable and memorable night. Many questions are asked about our suspended tree tents, so this article will cover a few of the main ones. Check out our other blogs for articles specific to setting up your tent.

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How many people should sleep in a tree tent?

We have a large selection of tents made for numerous amounts of people. From 1 person tree tents - The Una, to 3-person - Stingray and Connect. There are ways of interconnecting 3 Connects together by using the canopy, creating a super tree tent which can sleep 6 people. It's also possible to hang 3 one-person hammocks inside of a Stingray if you wanted to really make the most out of the space of the Stingray!

For optimum comfort, keeping your numbers to the amount the tree tent says it can hold is ideal. Each tree tent comes with the pre-estimated amount of space to give guests enough room.

As for storage, you are able to purchase extra underfloor storage so you can maintain more space in your tent, while keeping your possessions dry and safe from mildew, insects, and rain. Our tree tents can withstand a lot of weight, nearly 1000KG, so there is no worry to the amount of people that are in the tent. As long as you ensure that you pitch your tent on healthy trees, and follow our guidelines, there's a lot of wiggle room.

Who should use a tree tent?

As tree tents can be pitched up to 6 feet in the air, accessibility can get difficult. Of course, the higher up the tent is, the harder it is to get in. With a ladder, you'd find it much easier, however it takes a level of athleticism to scale it as it is a free hanging lightweight ladder. So, keep in mind the members of your group and make sure everyone can get inside.

No matter your style of camping, there is a tree tent for you. For any number of campers and any type of adventure, the versatility of Tentsile tree tents will suit your needs. Whether you're a brand new or an experienced camper, Tentsile tree tents are easy to learn to set up, and soon enough you'll be comfortable pitching over water and even over small crevasses if you really wanted to seek an adventure and show your skill. Through practice and use you'll learn the extent of the possibilities of the tree tent, and you will find out you can set up anywhere with 3 set anchor points.

Why should I use a tree tent?

Owning a tree tent opens up so much more possibilities in places to camp. Over cliffs, over water, on inclines, dense forests. The possibilities are only restricted to your ability to set up, and of course by our guidelines for setting up. The adaptability of tree tents is superior to that of tunnel tents, frame tents, or any kind of ground tent camping.

In adverse weather, you can be safe in the knowledge that you'll have ample protection from the elements as long as you possess the correct equipment. There are lightweight and heavy-duty options available depending on the type of camper you are, or the style of camp you're about to embark upon. Tree Tents are easy to set up and dismantle, after the first two trips you'll be fully acquainted with your portable suspended tree house.

Which size tree tent do I need?

For solo campers, the UNA one-person tree tent is the perfect choice as it's lightweight and compact. For pairs, the Flite two-person tree tent is the one for you, lightweight and does the job you need it to do. For groups of 3, our flagship model Connect will do the job. For more internal room, the Stingrayis perfect. For larger groups, it's possible to create the Trilogy Tent by connecting 3 Connects using a canopy, which will sleep up to 6 people.

Depending on your use of the tent, keep in mind the differences in sizes to select the appropriate tent. Backyard hangouts are very different to wild camping, so you could go with a heavy-duty safari stingray for your backyard, but it may not be suitable for one person to travel with as the weight is considerable. Weight and portability are important factors to keep in mind when searching for a tree tent to suit your needs, take their weights into consideration and see what you can do if you are a group.

The durability and weather-resistance of our tree tents can make for positive choices over traditional four-season tents. Festivalgoers would benefit hugely from a tree tent, as you'll not only be eye-candy, but the space you'd open up for more possessions is beneficial. Plus, you'd not have to search for very long to find a spot for your pitch!

If you've got any questions we haven't covered here, don't hesitate to get in touch to ask us.

Jack Thomson