Kids can find fun in everything, especially when there's a tree tent stack waiting outside! Having a suspended tree tent opens up many possibilities for younger kids to explore their imaginations and make the most of the space you have in your garden.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few different ways you can make use of your backyard to turn it into the perfect hangout for your children to enjoy.

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Building Your Kids Hangout

If you have a Tentsile tree tent, and the space, you have the building blocks to create the perfect place for family, friends, and kids to enjoy. Re-imagining the tent as a play fort opens up a range of fun plans. Birthday parties, backyard hangouts, arts & crafts - there are so many possibilities when making use of your outdoor space.

No trees? No problem. Our stand can provide the base for your tree tent to become whatever you want it to be.

Planning a large gathering, such as a birthday party or celebration? Building a stack is the perfect choice, with more area to play or sit on. Lay out a hammock and relax while you watch your little ones explore!

During summer months, your children's tree fort during the day could become its old self by night, and your garden will become its very own campsite. Read this article to find out more about backyard camping.

Garden Hangout Activities

You've got your tree tent set up, and the kids are loving it. What next? There's plenty to do now your bespoke suspended tent is perched in your backyard. Sit comfortably in the air and play your favourite board games under the sun, or if you have younger children, sit with them as they play with their own toys. Lay out a picnic and enjoy being outside with your family. Pull out some chairs and play some popular party games, like musical chairs. Or sit one of your kids in the tent and play red-light green-light!

If you have a spare strap, use it to play limbo, badminton or volleyball. Use the tent opening as a goal when playing soccer, or use one of our hammocks and compete with each other to throw balls into it from a distance.

During birthday parties, your tent will be the focal point of the day, and the kids will love being able to jump in and out while enjoying the activities you lay out for them.

Garden Kids Hangout Tips

During your hangout, there's always a few things that can be forgotten. Keep your rainfly close to hand, in the case the weather takes a turn and the heavens open. Or, set it up to block the sun and keep your kids' safe from sunburn.

If you have one, a ladder would make getting in and out easier, especially if you've built a stack so your kids can have fun traversing between the layers.

Are there loads of bugs around? As evening falls and pests such as mosquitos come out of hiding, let accessories such as our double-bubble insect net fix that problem.

If you've got pets, keep those in mind when setting up your tree tent, set it up too low and your little puppy could nibble or scratch at the material. Keep a close eye on younger children, as the tent’s movement could knock their balance, so it's always handy to be close by in case of any potential accidents. A kid-friendly hangout isn’t always a kid-proof one!

With your new hangout space created, and the tips we've covered, your family and friends (especially your kids) will be in for a great experience, all from the comfort of your backyard!

If you have any questions about backyard camping or our tree tents and hammocks, please get in touch!

Jack Thomson