Tree Tent camping is an exhilarating experience and can give an additional sense of freedom that traditional camping lacks. The versatility of a tree tent or hammock opens up many doors for your camping experience, but we want to make your trip extra comfortable, and reassure you that you'll have a smooth and stress-free camping trip.

In this article we’ll go through our accessories, and how to make Tentsile tree tents adaptable to your liking.

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Extra Gear for Your Tree Tent

A multitude of things could occur while out on your camping trip, and it's always the better choice to be 'safe than sorry'. Your shelter while out wild camping is your solitude, your home while out in nature, and you need to be prepared for whatever mother nature will throw at you to stay a happy camper. Having the right tree tent gear will help nudge you in the right direction.

Unexpected weather can put a dampener on your camping experience, there may not be appropriate trees for your pitch in your desired location, on your way back you realize that your bag has taken a beating, or while out on a hike - a winged saboteur has created a much unneeded hole in your tent. We have everything you could need in each of these cases.

Conversion Kits and Stands

You've arrived at your desired location, but the trees are too far apart, or there’s a huge dead tree to compromise your experience. You decide to head home with your head in your hands, but wait! Our Una, Flite, Connect and Stingray tree tents (and their Safari variants) each have their own Ground Conversion Kit (GCK), which turn our tree tents, into traditional ground tents. Although you're not getting the suspended experience, you are at least able to enjoy your initial desired location in the comfort of your portable shelter. And it doesn't add a whole lot to the overall carry weight, ranging from 1.4KG to 3.2KG.

If nothing but suspended sleeping will do, we even have a stand that is perfectly aligned with each of our tents. So, you can have the tree tent experience, without the trees! As they are made from corrosion-resistant aircraft aluminium, the carry weight is 45KG, so make sure you plan accordingly for transportation of this amazing bit of kit.


When out camping, you need a durable bag that can withstand scratches, knocks, and harsh weather to protect what is stored inside. Our 35L Day Rucksack is made from the same heavy-duty material as our Safari range of Tree Tents and Hammocks. It's extremely tough and durable and is 100% waterproof helping to keep your gear clean and dry. It has a large, zipped pocket at the front and a black mesh pocket on either side, perfect for water bottles and phones. It also has a large internal pocket which is great for separating your camping gear. If your tent bag gotten a bit worse for wear, no sweat, we have every bag you could need on our website. They are also handy as a second bag to store whatever you want!

Spares and Repairs

After a lot of use, the little things you use eventually wear out. Straps, carabiners, tree protector straps, whopper slings, spreader bars - all sorts of bits that you need will get overused and compromise your tree camping experience. We have an assortment of available stock for spares and repairs to suit your needs. It’s also handy to have a tent repair kit in your bag, just in case any holes are nicked into them, and you can patch them up while on your trip. Each repair kit comes with:

  • 1 x Tear-Aid instant repair patch. It's strong, flexible, and waterproof.

  • 2 x Pole sections (for each specific model).

  • 1 x 1m Spare bungee cord.

  • 3 x C-clips.

  • 3 x Hooks.

  • 2 x Mesh patches.

Lost a watergate or need a spare peg or tent pole? A few clicks and they’re on their way!

Ladders and Storage

Want to set your tent up just that bit higher next time? In order to get into your cosy new suspended tent home, you’d need to get a lightweight ladder. Adding just 114 grams to your overall carry weight, you won’t be over-encumbered, and you’d be able to pitch your tent up to 6 feet high.

Have a double hammock or bigger? Set that up first, stand on top, and have fun strapping your tent 10 feet in the air and climbing the ladder to your sky fort! Need that extra bit of storage? We have affordable under tent storage, which will keep anything you put in them safe and dry.

If you really wanted to max out your storage, then investing in a tent wall will turn your suspended tent into a ground tent hybrid! Strapped down from the underneath of your tent, you'd have equally as much space as the area size of your tree tent. Great for multiple people or just a place to get out of the wind!

If you have any questions about backyard camping or our tree tents and hammocks, please get in touch!

Jack Thomson