At Tentsile, we understand that you like to adventure in many different ways. Sometimes, you just want to have some fun in the backyard, while other times you want to go deep into the wildness and disappear for a week, a month, or a year… luckily, we have you covered! Our Team is dedicated to making sure that you get what you need and if we don’t have it already, you can contact us directly and talk to us about your needs and we will always see what we can do to help you out on those special requests! Tentsile Comparison Chart.

The website has been set out to give you many different browsing options by product weight, use, occupancy and size. We have categorised all our accessories in the same way as our Tree Tents and Giant Hammocks, while the search function will allow you to find a product that you may have seen elsewhere, and do not know the name of!

Sunrise in Hammock

One of the best ways to find the right model for you is to look at our weight categories: Lightweight for backpacking and hiking (these have blue fabric floors); Medium-weight for standard family use (these have green fabric floors), whether it be in the backcountry or the backyard; or our heavyweight Safari Range (with beige fabric floors) which is suited for hard-wearing use such as longer-term camps and rentals. Whatever you intend to use your Tentsile for, there is something to fit the bill and always a way to achieve the best outcome!

Whether you are super-light solo camping with a sleeping bag and need mosquito protection and gear storage, or you want a cosy nest for the whole family to hide in away from the rain, wind or bugs, we have a model that will suit you. Tried and tested, with the high quality you expect from Tentsile, we are here to make sure your camping experience is elevated to the next level.

Camping trips and styles can vary widely and so need different priority lists to make them successful. For instance, if you are going solo, you want to be light and agile, only taking the bare essentials so that you get to travel further and have less gear to carry. Many backpackers opt for the lightest possible solution, such as the Tentsile Flite 2-Person Hammock Tent. Comfort is another big consideration; if you don’t sleep well, you could find yourself achy, unfocussed and tired. We recommend you think long and hard about the equipment you want to bring and make sure you will use everything in your bag. If in doubt, leave it out.

For a group or family camping trip, you make want to bring the kitchen sink! Fine, if you have a car park nearby. And if you have kids, the opposite applies to solo camping. You probably want to bring more than you think… they need to be constantly entertained and busy! It’s a good job camping in a suspended tree tent is so fun! The only downside is that you may need to bring more than one; there is nothing relaxing about hanging out in a Tentsile Tree Tent or Giant Hammock that is being used as a spaceship, jump station or trampoline!

Pitched Tent

In any case, there are some items that are really important for both extreme scenarios…

Just in case this is your first time, we would recommend not skimping on your bug net, blankets, food, cooking stove and toilet roll, and bring double the amount of water you think you’ll need. It cannot be understated how important staying hydrated in the wild is! A First Aid kit, complete will bandage, plasters (band-aids), antiseptic cream and sanitiser gel, insect repellents, a safety pin and tweezers and phone charger is always useful too!

Oh, and one last thing: bring a sense of humour. Something is bound to go wrong, and you’ll need to see the funny side in order to find the best solution to fix the problem!

Andrew Lynch