The Keystone State has a lot of camping options. With a number of national parks, hiking trails, dispersed camping and establish campgrounds, there’s plenty of choice. State parks with cabins and national forests with covered areas, perfect for a pitch. This blog should cover what you need to know for camping in Pennsylvania.

Where to camp in Pennsylvania

As well as traditional campsites and campgrounds, Pennsylvania offers primitive camping or wild camping locations, and if you plan on staying just one night a camping permit isn’t needed. Read more here.
There are a myriad of state parks for camping in Pennsylvania, these include Cherry Springs state park, Raccoon Creek state park, Ohio Pyle state park, Ricketts Glen state park, Colton Point state park, Presque Isle state park and Black Moshannon state park. There are also plenty of national forests and natural areas where camping is available, like Allegheny, Loyalsock, Pocono mountains, the Dutch wonderland, Lake Erie, Bald Eagle, Forbes, and of course the Grand Canyon.

What to pack for camping in Pennsylvania

Depending on where you intend to camp, you will need to pack accordingly. If you are planning on hiking or backpacking, you will benefit greatly from lightweight equipment. Our T-mini 2-person hammock and UNA 1-person Tree Tent are perfect selections for either a quick-pitch rest or an overnighter. If you are travelling and camping in a vehicle, a heavy-duty tent may be more suitable. Our Safari Connect 2-person Tree Tent is ideal for those overnighters, if there are more of you then a Safari Stingray 3-person Tree Tent will tick the box. Essentials that you’ll always need when camping are sleeping bags, a portable phone charger if you are using your phone to navigate your way, sunglasses to protect your eyes from that glaring sun, a first aid kit and plenty of food and water.

What to consider before camping in Pennsylvania

There are many factors that come into play when it comes to camping in Pennsylvania, these can be split into three sections; Legal, Safety and Fun. Legal relates to things like maximum stays, setting fires, leave no trace guidelines and other rules and regulations based on the state or campgrounds. Safety can coincide with legal factors, such as if you are setting a fire – check if its allowed first, but also make sure you’re setting it in a safe environment with no excess debris around and keep it as contained as possible. Don’t over fuel it and let it get too high and out of control. Avoid dangerous animals if you can, pack the appropriate repellents and research the area you wish to camp/hike in. When staying at a campground with other people there, keep your valuables safe and locked away in your car when you’re sleeping in your tent.

Pennsylvania camping tips

In Pennsylvania there are many campsites and campgrounds, both dispersed and established. Before booking a slot at one, ensure you read their rules and regulations and confirm if its somewhere you want to spend your time. Check if the amenities you require are available. Get familiar with state rules when it comes to comping too. When you do find your desired location, ensure you book as far in advance as possible and consider the time you are booking. High season is during summer, so maybe it’s best for you to take the weather risk for a quitter camp in spring or fall. Pack in preparation for various weather, keep a close eye on weather forecasts closer to your leaving date so you know to take extra clothing.


Where can you camp in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has many options for camping, depending on your preferred style of camping you will lean more toward some places than others. If you enjoy camping primitively then a dispersed campground will be for you. And for the social campers, an established campground.

Where is best to camp in Pennsylvania?

Depending on how you like to camp, there are varying best ways. For the solo campers, a dispersed campground may be to your liking for a more primitive way of camping. For the groups, an establish campground in a state park would be great fun as you can interact and work with the other campers there.

When does the camping season start in Pennsylvania?

Mid-June to July is the start of the summer, this is when people will tend to go camping as the weather starts to turn to the sunny!

Jack Thomson