Why We Tent In The Trees

Written By Alex Shirley-Smith - November 10 2014


Paul Zedeck
June 07 2016

How do your “Tree Protector Straps” work to protect the bark and health of the tree? I live in Colorado and many areas ban hammocks or anything being strapped to a tree. Park Rangers in fact will remove items strapped to trees and issue tickets for violating the rule. So how does one get a return on investment for a product I’m not sure I can use at a forest camp ground. Not even sure it’s allowed in the backcountry.
Then there is the issue of beetle kill. Strapping this structure to a beetle kill tree could result in structural failure and harm to the user. Let’s say for arguments sake I can set up a tentsile in the San Juan National Forest backcountry or even at a camp site. How do your customers know which trees are suitable for use? What tools do you provide your customers to identify healthy trees and then how confident are you in your system setup to assure that harm won’t come to the health tree?
Compared to traditional tent camping your product adds unnecessary risk to North American customers who may encounter beetle kill stands in what should be a very simple tent shelter proposition. How does your company mitigate these risks and assure the consumer that use of your product is legal on National and State Forest lands?

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