Tentsile Vista came to us in a Eureka moment. We've already had Stingray and so we didn't actually aim for a new product but when the idea opened itself we knew we had to jump for it...

It all started as a dream. A daydream more precisely. Imagine this: you are shrunk to a size of a bug (much like Alice in Wonderland) and you have just climbed to the top of a beautiful flower where you are now sitting on a petal comfortably and enjoying the view. (We at Tentsile are very in touch with our silly childhood dreams - you'd notice) This flower could be your new home. It closes at night or when it rains and opens for the sun and fair weather... Bliss eh?

Well, we already had the "petal" - the base layer of Stingray resembles just that. We just had to figure out a convertible style roof. Then I came across a unique structure that hadn't been utilised in the camping tent industry before. A triple pole free-standing arrangement that offers great side views and stays up by itself. Bingo! 

So here it is - (pic 1) a triple layer tree tent - the bottom is pretty much the same as the Stingray - a spacious and well taught triple hammock, the roof is completely detachable 3 pole structure, and the (also detachable) bug mesh can be hooked up to the underside of the roof (Pic 2). Simples!

So what's the fuss all about?

Well, we now have a summer/tropical tree tent that is truly convertible. Suitable for the hottest tropical environment it will give you maximum ventilation even when it's raining. It also is modular - you can add extra floors to create a multi-story layered tree camp. This one - (pic 3) sleeps 9 adults in comfort (note: the top level is a Stingray). The floors will be available to buy separately soon and even Stingray owners will he able to add extra layers to their tree camp.

So my dear ewoks. Enjoy, and may the force be with you! 


Alex Shirley-Smith