Tentsile City: 17th of Jan 2015, California USA

Written By Alex Shirley-Smith - January 07 2015


April 09 2015

What is a Tentisle Super Fly, and do they come standard on newer stingray tents? If so, what year approximately, did they come standard/

Alex Shirley-Smith
January 15 2015

Peter, you can certainly stay in one! We will set you up one to share with your son. Just waiting for a delivery of tents in LA. Bring anything you think will make you comfortable. We will try and have some BBQs for the evening meal but you might want to bring something throw on it… :)

January 10 2015

I’m planing on coming out but was wondering do I need to make reservations for camping and what campsite are you planing to stay at?

Peter, Untamed waters
January 08 2015

My son and I are planing on coming. I have my own gear but would love the chance to sleep in one of your tents if possible.

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