How to Make Your Tentsile Setup Super Light in 5 Easy Steps.

Written By Alex Shirley-Smith - March 16 2015


June 12 2016

i use the slackline “block and tackle” method.i got a 50 ft piece of one inch webbing and a climbing carabiner and replaced the rachet and 2 in strap.

Matthew Turley
March 20 2015

Has anyone used this for camping at a festival??

Stiofan de Geata
March 17 2015

One could also, in theory, employ a lightweight block and tackle system like those used in slack-lining, or even some “trucker hitches” in some good static DBP (double braided polypropylene) cord and dispense with those ratchet straps altogether. Of course, one would need to calculate breaking loads and factor in losses in cord strength due to the knots used – so I would only recommend this for people who know how to do so.

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