Nothing quite says leisure time than a hammock. Transportable and comfortable, hammocks are an excellent way to spend your down-time, either on a camping trip or simply in your own backyard. 

If you like wiling away an afternoon, gently swinging to and fro in a hammock, here are three exciting spots to hang your hammock.

1. Bird-Watching in Seven Islands State Birding Park

Best spots to hang a hammock

If you are a nature aficionado, there’s nothing like relaxing in your hammock and doing some bird-watching at the same time. Many hammocks are capable of hanging between two trees, or even two sturdy branches. 

If you pick a park like Seven Islands in Tennessee, you’re sure to be able to spot some yellow-breasted chats and summer tanagers as you relax.

Pick a tree that has a lot of bird activity in it to hang your hammock. Look for trees with berries or choose one that already has a bird feeder in it. Don’t hang your hammock too close to the feeder, however, as you don’t want to scare the birds away. 

Once you’ve installed yourself in the hammock, you can observe the comings and goings of the different birds, and listen to them call to one another and sing. The only thing that could make a hammock even more relaxing is a hammock that is in the range of beautiful birdsong. 

2. Ocean View at Two Lights State Park 

For some, the epitome of relaxation isn’t trees swaying in the wind and birds chirping; instead, it’s the sound of waves crashing against the shore. 

One of the most sublime spots to hang your hammock is next to the sea. Many claim that the sea air instantly relaxes people, and can help you sleep more soundly and feel great when you wake up.

Combine the soporific effects of the ocean sounds and smells with the gentle swaying of a hammock, and you can reach ultimate relaxation. If you’re lucky enough to live in a tropical locale, you may be able to find two palm trees from which to hang your hammock.

Two Lights State Park in Maine gives you stunning panoramic views of the ocean and of the two nearby lighthouses, creating a breathtaking view from almost any spot you choose.


3. Desert Sunsets in Picacho State Park

Great spots to hang a hammock

For some, it’s the sound of the wind through the trees and birdsong; for others, it’s the melodic sounds of the ocean. There are others, even, who find their most tranquil and relaxed selves in the desert.

There’s something about the way the light hits the landscape in the dry air, or the colors of the spectacular sunsets and sunrises which paint the rocks red, purple, and orange. 

Picacho State Park in Arizona houses Picacho Peak, and boasts some of the most gorgeous desert views in the Southwest. If you’re more of a fan of desert simplicity than the bustle of a forest or the immensity of the ocean, then hanging your hammock in the desert might bring you ultimate relaxation. 

Ryan W