Camping is thrilling but setting up your tent isn’t always that much fun. If you are looking for an alternative to a traditional tent, consider a backpacking hammock or Tree Tent. They are wonderfully portable and flexible, and with the many accessories you can add, it makes them indispensable in any situation.

1. UNA 1-Person Tree Tent

Hammocks that can be used as tents

This Tentsile Tree tent has a three-point harness system to provide enough tension to hold you up all night long. You may have the most comfortable night’s sleep you’ve ever had. You can even sleep on your side or stomach, as well as your back.

With a built-in insect mesh, you can enjoy a bug-free night. It fully unzips to give you an unobstructed view from your hammock-style bed. A removable rain fly makes sure that, even if it’s raining, you’ll have an enjoyable night’s sleep.

You can hang the UNA from a variety of locales, and it packs down perfectly into a small backpack. Camp among the trees like you never have before with a UNA 1-person hammock tent.


2. T-Mini Double Hammock

Backpacking hammock to use as tent

If you usually camp with a companion, you can still take advantage of the superb comfort and views with Tentsile's double hammock.

With a three-point anchor system, you’ll feel supported and secure, and it has enough flex to provide you with a quality night’s sleep. With three suitable trees, you can pitch the it anywhere you like, and it keeps you off cold, damp, or uneven ground.

This hammock has reinforced webbing along each side and an anti-roll strap right down the middle to create two separate sleeping bays. This central strap keeps your companion from rolling into your area at night.

This hammock is the ultimate for travel, especially for backpackers and cyclists, because it folds down into a small pack. At just a little over five pounds, it’s incredibly light and versatile. You can also create a Tensile stack, which is when several Tentsile tent hammocks are pitched vertically to optimize space.

If you’re not an adventuring sort, you can still use the double hammock in your garden or yard to create an oasis in which to relax.


Accessories for Your Hammock Tent

With the ground conversion kit, you can make many of the Tree Tents or the Trillium 3-person hammock (with roof kit) into ground tents.

Drink holders, an air mattress, and even trapezium tent walls can add comfort and enjoyment to your tent hammock experience.

Ryan W