If you ever get bored of the usual routine of cinema, dinner in a restaurant, picnic in a park or drink in a crowded bar, and you want something a bit out of the ordinary to put the icing on the cake of a new romance (or to treat someone you couldn't do without), a Tentsile date is the way forward. Granted, it's perhaps not the first thing everyone thinks of as an ideal date, especially if you're not sure how happy your partner will be with a bit of height, muddy shoes and changeable weather, but we have it on good authority that it's a winner every time.

Imagine it: a crisp winter day, a quick scramble off the ground, a flask of tea or something stronger, and a picnic looking down at the world as the sun creeps closer to the horizon. Later, a walk hand in hand back through darkening woods, and the promise of a cosy pub made all the better for a day outdoors. Or, a hazy day in July when every inch of grass in all the parks is covered with groups of people, and picnicking on the ground means fighting off wasps at every turn. Escaping into a Tentsile is cooler and more calm, and you can enjoy your food in a gentle breeze, listening to the hubbub far below. These aren't hypothetical situations, either. They're the real life first date stories of two Tentsile customers (who, in case you're wondering, are both now happily coupled up with their respective partners), and it warmed our hearts to hear them.

So, if you too have found that Tentsile brings magic to your dates, or this has inspired you to try it, please let us know. Who doesn't love a happy ending, after all?

Lucy Radford