We at Tentsile have a lot of great friends in the world of outdoor adventure. From explorers to conservationists, survival experts to climbers, they've all taught us a lot about the amazing ways our tents can be used. Some of our biggest fans come from the arborist and tree climbing community, who - never satisfied with being a metre or two off the ground - seem to take Tentsile to new heights with every trip they embark upon. The video below is just one example of how beautiful life can be when you're in the canopy, looking down.



So, if you want to take your Tentsile up among the highest leaves and most elusive birds, how best to do it? If your tree-climbing knowledge harks back to the childhood days when even saplings seemed like sequoias, your first port of call is a course like Sawpod's Tree Climbing Course or Goodleaf's Essential Recreational Tree Climbing, which can teach you everything you need to know about species, safety and lots of lovely knots.

 The next thing is to find out where you can climb trees without encroaching on anything private or protected - local authorities are a good place to start asking questions, or you can contact private landowners if you want to take advantage of some of the beautiful, ancient trees in heritage areas.

All that's left to do once your location is sorted is to find some friends to join you up in the canopy. If everyone you know is scared of heights, don't be put off - there's a whole world of tree climbers out there, and you can contact many of them through us! So, learn the ropes, use our social media pages to find yourself an arboreal gang, and send us your photos when you're looking down on the world.

Lucy Radford