Question: where can you find trees, camp fires, chilled out adults and happy kids, good food, great music and a dazzling array of hammocks, tents and tarps? 

Answer: the first Tentsile festival. Aptly named A Midsummer Night's Dream, our first foray into the world of festival-ing took place in late June, and it was all we could dream of and more. From the string quartet that set the scene to the tree-top singing and guitar from our friend Ben Trevor, it was the kind of atmosphere that helps you forget the outer world (and all its stresses) even exist.

We had laughter round the camp fire, morning strolls in the woods, and even the youngest of us had adventures climbing trees. At night, we slept soundly in our tree tents and revelled in the small, clear sounds of nature around us.

The weekend made us wish for photographic memories, or infinite space for anecdotes in our minds; and in the absence of those gifts, we cherish the video below. Made by the talented people at Shropshire Media Network, it's a beautiful reminder of some very special days for the Tentsile team and friends. Watch it, share it, and be inspired.

A Midsummer Nights Dream from SMN film on Vimeo.

Filmed by Tom Middleton on a Canon 5D Miii with 24-105m & 50m 1.4 lenses.
Edited & Graded by Miche Parkinson on FCPX & Davinci Resolve.
Music by Zachary David (The Traveler) from The Music Bed.

All photographs courtesy of Andrew Walmsley Photography.

Lucy Radford