Outdoor seating has never been more advanced or varied and the choice available is huge, even overwhelming. From lightweight chairs, backpack chairs, stadium chairs—the list goes on. But we think the best way to spend time outdoors is in a hammock or a Tree Tent. We don't mean a saggy hammock, but rather the most magical advancement in hammocks since the switch from scratchy ropes to smooth nylon-poly: 3-point anchor systems!

A 3-point system gives you a taut, flat and comfy suspend floor base. Unlike a “normal” hammock that sags, these innovative designs provide an extremely sturdy surface from which to set up a sketch pad and paints, or pile on whatever gear you need for your hobby of choice. Plus, if you want to have a snooze you'll have your own sleeping bay so you won't roll in towards any fellow hobbyists who are sharing your set up.

Hammocks are ideal for hobbyists of all kinds. Here’s just a few ideas of fun things to do in a hammock:


Bird Watching

Bird watchers need hammocks, especially 3-point systems that create a floor in the trees so you can soar among the birds and even have a bird's-eye view on the ground below. Find a place among the trees, set your hammock up, and settle in. But you can take it one step further—bring some binoculars, your field guide, plus a journal for notes, and you now have the perfect platform from which to view all of your flying friends.



Are you into bikepacking, the perfect combo of mountain biking and camping? If you’ve ever wanted to lounge for an hour or two after reaching your destination, hammocks are an excellent choice. They are lightweight, extremely comfortable, and affordable. Tentsile's solo hammock, 1-person UNA Tree Tent and "T-mini" 2-person hammock can easily fit into your limited bikepacking storage space, plus they only take a few minutes to set up.



Do you like to read outdoors? Honestly, who doesn't? On a temperate day, there’s no better way to wile away the hours than curling up under the sun with a good book. But I think we can all agree that it's tough to find a comfortable patch of ground that doesn't leave your backside aching after a chapter or two. Hammocks are absolutely the ideal way to do some serious outdoor reading, and they're guaranteed to stay comfortable for even the longest page-turning session.


Lawn Games

When the weather is nice, playing games outside is about as good as it gets. Whether you prefer a classic board game, or the more typical lawn games like croquet, cornhole, or horseshoes—a Tentsile hammock is the way to go. With our 3-point anchor system you will have an excellent flat place to set up a board game or to lounge on between matches. Getting out with the family and engaging in some healthy competition is even better when you have a stylish and spacious area where you can play, rest, or just socialize.


Arts & Crafts


Are you an artist? If you draw or paint, a hammock with sturdy and taut floor is excellent for long-term study of your subject. There's no doubt that the legend himself, Bob Ross, would have strongly approved of painting while hammocking. Hammocks made good alternatives to chairs, as you can spread your palette and paints around you, and set up your easel. It seems amazing that a hammock could accommodate an easel, but 3-point systems create a floor off-the-ground that is stable enough to keep all of your supplies in order and upright.


You will be astounded at the variety of things you can do in a hammock, as well as providing seating, you can use it to store your belongings keeping them away from dirt and water while you are swimming or surfing for example. You can lay your wet clothes on it and they will dry in the sun while excess water drips to the ground. Or you can just sprawl out and bask in the sun after a cool swim.

Everyone knows that hikers and campers have loved hammocks for ages. But you'd be sorely mistaken if you thought they were only good for those uses. Tentsile hammocks (and tree tents) are essentially beds-in-the-trees, and they provide you with a great alternative way to enjoy your pastime of choice, while surrounded by nature.


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