As we hope you know by now, Tentsile makes quality products that aim to last a lifetime! We do not believe in a throw-away society and aim to keep all our products out of landfill to minimise our negative impact in the world.

We repair product whenever we can and never take the easy way out. But there are times when a product has just been used all the way up to the end of its safe lifespan and in those cases, we have a plan! 

Our Upcycling Programme works by finding a home for those products that can no longer function in the way that they were designed. We have partnered with Product Design departments at Universities, so that their students can take advantage of free fabric materials with which to design, make and prototype their ideas and make them a reality!

The concept is simple; when a product reaches its end of life, we ask the owner to send it to one of our partners for recycling. The Tentsile customer then sends us the shipping receipt and we issue a 20% voucher for them to redeem against a new Tentsile product! The student wins, the customer wins, Tentsile wins and the world wins!

At this time in our collective evolution with the technology we have at our disposal, it would be criminal not to put something back. Luckily we are not the only company that feels this way! So join us in the Green Revolution because there is only one Earth, and no Planet B.

Alex Shirley-Smith