Upcycling Program


At Tentsile, we are proud to make quality products that last!

But all good things someday come to an end and we have planned for this; to avoid any of our units ending up in landfill. When any tree tent or camping hammock is returned to us, we inspect to see if it's possible to repair and re-sell under our Pre-Loved scheme.

For customers whose tree tent or hammock has just come to the end of its long life, instead of throwing it in the bin, we have set up a scheme to allow you to recycle it! We work with Utah State University’s Product Design Department, where you can send your old tree tent or hammock so their students can use the materials to make new and exciting products of their own, by upcycling your old material.

To avoid your tree tent or hammock going to landfill all you need to do is follow these three simple steps:

Box it

Put your old product in suitable packaging so it can be shipped. You can keep all the straps and ratchets (hardware), as these can’t be recycled. We suggest you put it in a box if you can, even better if you’ve saved the box the product originally came in and can use that.

Ship it

Ship your old product directly to Utah State University using your preferred courier. Please send your package to: Tentsile Recycling Program, Attn: Chase Anderson, 4800 Old Main Hill, Logan, Utah, 84322-4800. Don’t forget to get a tracking number!

Track it

Send your tracking number (or a photo of your shipping receipt) to support@tentsile.com with the subject line ‘Recycle’ and we will send you a discount code to get 20% off your next Tentsile Tree Tent or Giant Hammock!

This program is currently only open to US based customers. We are working on finding a European partner so watch this space. If you know an organisation which would be interested in working with us to recycle old products please get touch – info@tentsile.com.