Hammock camping means you can negotiate rocky and uneven terrain by pitching your tent above ground. As long as you can find 3 strong anchor points, a Tentsile hammock is ready to be hung anywhere your heart desires. Once cinched tight, using the ratchets and straps, the hammock provides a strong floor and pliable resting platform. But, did you know that there are numerous uses for a hammock besides lounging or sleeping!? It's true.

As a very quick overview—if you find yourself needing extra gear storage you can create a gear loft at home. These hammocks also make excellent alternative furniture, especially for children. When in need, and with a little ingenuity, the hammock can be set up on the ground as a tent. In the wilderness, hammocks work well as food bags. And in survival situations, this versatile hammock makes an excellent signal flag or rain catcher.


1) Gear Storage

Hammock Gear Storage

There seems to never be enough room to store extra gear, even if you own a home with a garage. But rigging up that hammock in your garage (or extra room) can create a lot of additional shelving and storage. For the most part, a 1- or 2-person hammock is easily large enough to add a generous amount of storage for gear. If you want to keep it out of sight, you could always hang it under a deck or in a backyard shed. Gear can be piled high, and as a bonus, it’s a lot easier to see and find what you need when you're packing for the next adventure.


2) Children's Furniture

Hammock as kids furniture

This hammock will get most of its use in the forest but when you’ve returned from your expedition consider using it as alternative furniture. Kids, particularly, love lounging in the smaller sized hammocks that Tentsile makes, like the Solo 1-person hammock. For the price, you are getting a two-for-one value. And thanks to kids being much lighter weight than us adults, they won’t stress out this sturdy piece of furniture, even when their energy and activity has them bouncing off the walls.


3) Tent

Many of us feel wary of using a hammock for sleeping. What about protection from bugs and weather? Yet the Trillium 3-person hammock can be fashioned into a tent with a Roof Kit and Ground Conversion Kit. Add the rain fly and it’s a cozy home away from home.



4) Food Storage

If you need to store your food, don’t bother bringing a special bag. In the wilderness (or even at your local state park), critters will nibble holes in your trash and go after your freeze-dried dinners. Use the hammock instead of a bag by wrapping up your valuables tight, then slinging over a tree. At least 20 feet high is recommended, and a good distance from the trunk, to keep your meals safe from hungry forest creatures.


5) Survival Accessory

The hammock can be used in several ways under duress, if you happen to find yourself stranded, lost or injured. This hammock makes an excellent rain catch. With set up, a rock should be placed in the center. Rainfall will move to the center and drip through. Place a container below the rock and you’ll have plenty of fresh water. In a survival situation, getting found is the goal. Tentsile hammocks come in bright color and make perfect SOS flags should the need arise.

Ryan W