Remember your parents’ old-school hammock that was made out of rope, sagged, weighed a ton, and stretched out after a handful of uses? Tentsile's hammocks have fixed every single one of those design flaws, in innovative fashion.

Tentsile creates floating sleeping platforms on (literally) a whole ‘nother level! Every imaginable size of hammock is now available; from solo to 6-person.  The efficient 3-point anchor system across Tentsile's range of hammocks and Tree Tents, creates a snug and efficient bed and/or tent. The versatility of these beds-in-the-trees is mind-boggling. They are tough, easy to set up, and way more comfortable than sleeping on the ground.


Tentsile's Most Unique Hammocks and Tree Tents

The three most unique products by Tentsile are, arguably, the UNA 1-person hammock tent, the Universe 5-person floating tent, and the spacious 6-person Trillium XL. Let’s start small and work our way up, from solo-lounging to family-sized hammocking.


The UNA 1-person Tree Tent

1-Person Hammock

The UNA is just as described: built for one person and a breeze to set up without extra help. The setup takes no longer than a standard 1-person tent, using three anchor points (as in all free-hanging Tentsile products) to keep it sturdy and strong. Once the UNA is tied up, you are ready to sleep among the trees. The 3-anchor system creates enough tension for a secure tent “floor”, while remaining springy enough to excel as a comfy bed. The UNA can handle up to 265 pounds, comes with a rainfly, and includes a no-see-um insect mesh. Like most modern tents, it’s lightweight at 4.4 lbs. The total floor area is 24 square feet, and the rainfly can be repurposed into a 30-square-foot covered porch. The UNA is rated for three seasons.


The 5-Person Floating Tree Tent

5-person unique hammock

If you are camping with a group, check out the larger hammocks that Tenstile offers. Consider either a 5- or 6-person option. Without a doubt, the most unique of Tentsile's products is the 5-person floating tent, which has to be seen to be believed. The Universe fits 5 adults (880 lbs, if set up on the ground) and can be erected on the ground, in the air, or floating on water! The unique floor of the Universe is inflatable, so amazingly, it can be used on the water. Like all Tentsile shelters, it uses a 3-point anchor system, has separate sleeping bays, includes a waterproof rainfly, and comes with mesh to get airflow without bugs.

The Universe is a 3-person tent when hung “floating” style in the air, and that includes plenty of space to store camping gear. There is also a 165-square-foot dry porch for gear storage and muddy shoes. This is a 4-season tent that weighs 99 lbs, so it takes 2 or 3 people to move it. The set-up time is 30 minutes, whether on water, in the air, or on the ground. All Universe models come with a car battery powered air pump to quickly inflate the floor.


The Mammoth 6-Person Hammock

Trillium XL

For a big family or group outing, the 6-person Trillium XL is roomy enough for six adults, plus gear. Unlike the Universe, this is more accurately described as “camping hammock”, rather than a tree tent. The comfort of the Trillium can’t be overstated. Each person has their own bay, and the system is perfectly designed to prevent any rolling. You won’t end up in the middle of the gigantic hammock so it actually works for 6 people.

The Trillium can hold 1200 pounds and has an absolutely incredible 170-square-feet of floor space. It has four storage components underneath and getting in is no problem—you can just climb through a central portal. And if the Trillium is reserved for the kids, you can comfortably fit up to 9 children on the hammock at once! It's an awe-inspiring design that will add a wow factor to any backyard or group camping trip.

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