Comfort: The Tentsile Trillium XL's unique 3-point anchor system provides a taut and tensioned base, with enough "give" to conform to your body. The lack of sag means you can lay in complete comfort no matter your preferred position, on your stomach, back or side.

Load Capacity: The 550kg / 1200lbs weight capacity and massive size of the hammock makes it suitable for holding 6 adults or up to 10 children. The Trillium XL is perfect for backyard fun in the summer but is great to set up on camping adventures to keep the kids (and the adults busy). Rated for 2,500 hours of UV exposure.

Separate Lounging Bays: This 6-person hammock is made from black polyester composite mesh. The Trillium XL is also reinforced with our unique anti-roll strap system which creates 3 separate sleeping bays and prevents everyone from rolling to the middle; a must-have feature for holding multiple people.

Relax Anywhere: Because the hammock is suspended off the ground, it doesn't matter what condition the ground below is. As long as you can find 3 suitable anchor points, you can set up the hammock above damp or uneven ground.

The largest and most hard-core camping hammock on the market. Reinforced by 20+ metres of seat belt and secured by heavy-duty ratchets and webbing, the Trillium XL is able to take up to 6 lounging adults in pure comfort!

This giant 6-person hammock can be set up underneath any Tree Tent to create the one-of-a-kind, multi-storey hammock tent ‘Stack,’ or left uncovered as the perfect outdoor lounging space.


  • Only use the product after reading and in accordance with the product manual.
  • Recommended setup height is 1.2m / 4ft.
  • Not suitable for no longer than 3 months continual use at a time.
  • Due to continuous design improvements, details may vary slightly from those pictured above.
Compatible Accessories

The following accessories are compatible with the Trillium XL 6-Person Tree Tent:

Hammock Setup

This guide demonstrates how to find the ideal centre point and strap lengths for setting up your Tentsile Tree Tent or Hammock. For extra help you can download this iPhone app which was developed one of our wonderful customers; Arnoldus Bouwman.

Setting Up the Tentsile Trillium XL 6-Person Hammock
Packing Away the Tentsile Trillium 6-Person Hammock

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