A modular camping system

What’s so great about our tree tents and hammocks is, they’re modular – you can build them up (or down) and accessorise to make the most of all their features.

Every tree tent and hammock has extra little features built into them to allow you build up your basecamp over time, and what’s even better, new accessories (watch this space) use these features too.

If you haven’t bought a Tentsile bundle which includes lots of great accessories to create a stack (check out our blog all about stacks if you’d like to learn more) then here’s your guide to the best products to accessorise your tree tent…

Our Top Five Accessories

  1. The Ground Conversion Kit

Whatever model of tree tent you have, there’s a Ground Conversion Kit to match. This is basically a bathtub footprint which sits under your tent allowing you to use your tree tent on the ground. You don’t need a Ground Conversion Kit to use your tent on the ground, we do recommend one, to keep the floor protected and dry.

If you have a Ground Conversion Kit, it also means you can create a ground stack (learn more here) for extra living space when used with your tree tent, suspended off the ground. The only additional accessory you need is a Double Bubble…

  1. Double Bubble

Again, we have a Double Bubble to fit every tree tent. The Double Bubble allows you to create an insect proof, double storey camp with its three sided structure. You can set a Double Bubble up below your tree tent and have it connect with your giant hammock or Ground Conversion Kit.

The great thing about the Double Bubble is that not only is it insect proof, it also acts as a buffer against the wind, so you’ll find the space within is also protected. By adding the accessory to your set-up, you’ve created another living or sleep space – see images above.

  1. Giant Hammock

Whatever tree tent you have, or are considering, there’s a hammock to twin it with (or vice versa):

  • Stingray or Vista >>> Trillium or Trillium XL
  • Connect >>> DUO
  • Flite & UNA >>> T-mini

They’re super versatile to use and are great used paired with a tree tent or on their own. Kids and adults love them equally as they provide a cool way to chill on a day hike, in the park or in the garden.

  1. Safari Ladder

Have you ever wondered how you get in or out of a tree tent or hammock? Well, you can either mantel yourself in (it’s much easier than it sounds!) or you can use a ladder – which might be considered a more elegant way!

Each tent has loopholes built-in for you to attach a ladder. The Safari Ladder, new for 2022, is a studier, more hardwearing version, to our Webbing Ladder.

TIP! For extra stability, we recommend using the pegs provided to peg out the bottom of the ladder to the ground to keep it in place as you’re climbing up. 

Tentsile Range

  1. Walls

We LOVE this accessory. They’re so versatile, and like so many of our products can be used on their own or paired up to give your basecamp more protection and privacy.

The walls are a trapezium shape allowing you to peg them out from your tent so they meet at the corners. You can:

  1. Use Walls on each side of the tent to create an enclosed space beneath you, or just on one side to protect against the direction of the wind.
  2. You can use the Walls with Extendable Poles to create an extra dry porch area to the side of your tree tent;
  3. You can use on their own when you go to the beach or the park as a wind breaker, again you just need a couple of pole to provide the support.

So, there you have it, our top five accessories to help you build the ultimate basecamp, either one accessory at a time or all at the same time!

If you need any advice on any of our products you can email or call us anytime. We love to chat.

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Tentsile Range

Thomas Leech