What is a Tentsile Stack?

All Tentsile Tree Tents have been designed to be multifunctional. You can use them in the trees to create a suspended tent, or on the ground just like a traditional tent, but you can also use them to create a multi-level campground. This is what we call a ‘stack’, meaning you can add levels to create more sleeping or living space.

We’ve designed our products to be modular so they work together or on their own, which means you can buy one product at a time or in a bundle.

Let’s take the 3-person Stingray as an example (but you can apply these options to any of tree tents).

The Stingray can be used on its own as a tree tent or as a ground tent:

Option 1 – The Ground Stack

This is the simplest and easiest option to extend your tree tent and give an extra living space, as the name implies, on the ground. All you need for this set-up is a Ground Conversion Kit and a Double Bubble and you’ve made yourself a ground stack. Simples!

Stingray ground stack

Option 2 – The Classic Stack

The Classic Stack creates an additional level but off the ground, so you have two levels, both suspended. For this stack you’ll need a hammock and a double bubble in addition to your tree tent.

And just like the ground stack, you can add waterproof walls as an accessory if you want and even a ladder or two for easy access in and out of your stack.

Option 3 – The Ultimate Stack

Yes, as the name implies, this stack has everything – ground, first and second floor! With three levels, it gives you lots of space to spread out and store your gear. The Ultimate stack combines the ground and classic stacks so you have everything you need for every camping or backyard adventure:

  1. a ground conversion kit so you can use your tree tent on the ground (for those times there just aren’t any trees);
  2. a hammock for when you just want to chill in the park or take something to relax in for a dayhike;
  3. a tree tent for when you just want to get up and go on a spur of the moment camping trip!
  4. a ground, classic and ultimate stack – you have everything in this stack to create every combination of stack!

Three floors = lots of space!

Illuminated Tentsile stack

Our tree tents and hammocks have been designed to create the very best in terms of versatility and comfort. You can even add a solo hammock (and it doesn’t have to be one of our) to your set-up for more chill zones! Or, you can keep adding to your Tentsile collection and create as many levels as you want/ dare! The possibilities are endless.

Take a look at our pre-set stack bundles here or create your own and browse through our collection of tree tents, hammocks and accessories.

Jessica Reading