We are now a few months into Tony’s challenge of setting up 10 Tentsile Experience Camps (TECs) around the world, and it seems like a timely pause to recap on where we are. Things have been busy, and ideas for the future continue to look rather exciting! But this is the nature of Tony’s Challenge – there will inevitably be an ebb and flow of progress, especially as Tony awaits decisions on which toilets to install, what cookers are best suited, and how the showers will be heated.   

So where are we? Well, we know there is a camp in Nuuksio, Finland, relaunching in May. This is the original site from last year and counts as number one our list. I think even Alex, Mr. Tentsile himself, will go out there and visit it again this Spring. Certainly their opening party at the end of May 20th sounds like a good old knees up. 

Now we can look to number 2, 3, and so on…

As you know, we have serious interest in Costa Rica, and as the closest candidate for Numbero 2 on the list, things remain exciting as plans continue to move forward. So, watch this space as we expect a grand opening fairly soon! But the most exciting thing is the Zip line entry into the camp. Yes, ZIP LINE ENTRY!! Now that sounds like a an entrance with style!

For number 3, we have Thailand, another TEC, which has been carrying out camp tests and talking with guides this week. Again, we’ll know more in the coming weeks, hopefully.

Looking towards 4 and 5, Tony has started discussions with our Associate in Norway about the possibility of a TEC near Oslo, and began tentative talks with another potential camp in Nicaragua – both early days, both very exciting! And of course, there is the Swedish Camp, looking to add a range of activities from local SUPs to yoga, and we are waiting to hear more.

So this is Tony’s world! This is what he has to deal with – there’s people to meet, places to go, emails to read and loos to discuss. Sometimes there’s lots to do, like flying out to Costa Rica, and sometimes it’s a waiting game, as is the case with the interest coming from Sri Lanka and India - and this is just how it is. They say the journey is more interesting than the final destination, and Tony is certainly on a journey. The important bit here is that every phone call is a step in the right direction, with Tentsile interest spreading around the globe. Certainly, Tony’s Challenge is something to write home about. And so we share the news with you as it comes in. Let’s see where Tony ends up next, and let’s keep supporting him on his #ChallengeTony!



Jethro Shirley-Smith