Keeping the vision at the forefront is hard. But it’s crucial – after all, it’s the backbone of what we’re about.

For those who remember, back in January we started the #BecomeOneOfTheMillion campaign with a vision of getting a million people in trees (or near them, or under them, or around them) over 5 years. That’s right, a million people. ONE MILLION. Yes, it’s a large number - and it doesn’t seem to get any smaller the more you say it; it keeps sounding like a ridiculously large number. Wwwwoone Miiilllllliiiiiiion! 

The good news is that step by step, branch by branch, we are slowly getting closer. Yes, very slowly. But you’ve heard of the tortoise and the hare, right? Back in January, we estimated we had around 53,000 people in trees. It’s hard to verify exactly - it is not a precise art, and there is a little bit of this and a little bit of that in the calculation - but it’s a start. And it’s a good start. It’s better than none, that’s the point!

And now the news gets even better, because since the start of this campaign in January, we estimate another 3141 people have got up into the trees! That’s right, that works out at around 1000 people Up Per Month (UPM) since the start of 2017! Having a rate of 1000UPM is not a bad a rate of tree-getting-in-ers. What’s more, our “Selfie In A Tree” competition on International Day of Forests was a real success, with people from all over the world sending in selfies of themselves in or at various tree locations from across the globe. Check out the wonderful and whacky photos on our Instagram by visiting this link: #BecomeOneOfTheMillion

With people joining left right and centre, there is a real chance we might even make a 100,000 by Christmas – that’s close to a million, right? Well, on route, anyway! But they say the journey is often more fun than the actual destination. So let’s keep this thing moving! The ball has started rolling, and as it gathers speed more and more people will join us in the trees, in some way, shape or form. Like a Tentsile Tribe! So join us. Get up a tree and send in the picture. Join our gallery of everyone who sends a picture in. Get out there put your name on our list. And #BecomeOneOfTheMillion.

Jethro in a tree!

Jethro Shirley-Smith