Many of you follow us because you like our tents; many of you follow us because you like our company; and many of you because you like our values, ethics and goals. In 2017, we intend to disrupt the algorithms that control social media and narrow our newsfeeds. Last year we all became aware of the “Echo Chamber” effect, when we find ourselves presented on social media only with news and posts that closely align with our existing views and beliefs - thus reinforcing them. This year, we are going to smash that Echo Chamber!!! Join us, for #EchoChamberDisruption.

You know by now that trees are top of our agenda. So, we are going to help expand your newsfeed to give you a better understanding of the issues around deforestation, and the growing number of reforestation initiatives worldwide that help to conserve and protect trees. We will educate our followers on current real-life projects that are having a truly positive impact, and making ACTUAL progress in saving these central pillars of the world's most important eco-systems. And I can tell you that the outlook is optimistic! That's right, we're excited about what the future looks like. The future's bright; the future is green.

Since starting business in 2013, you will know that we have made it a priority to help promote the love and protection of trees.  We do this by getting you to enjoy trees more (by hanging out in them), by partnering with established reforestation organisations who work with local communities, and by supporting other teams, groups and efforts to combat illegal logging. We do this by planting trees ourselves for each tree tent we sell, and also by working behind the scenes with a multitude of active researchers, botanists, photographers, journalists and community groups.

This year, we are going to be actively forthcoming in letting you know what it is we have been doing. For those of you that have an interest, we want to help facilitate how you can get involved -  either by planting trees, donating trees, joining an active tree protection group or even coming along to one of the many preservation actions we will be taking part in to halt illegal logging.

We understand that there are a great many of you that want to help, so we are going to open our social media streams to actively engage you in this process, and to give you guidance as to how!  #EchoChamberDisruption will enable you to get more information about the things that matter. And together we will make a real difference.

We caught up with James Borrell to talk about our new campaign - check out the film:


Alex Shirley-Smith