This year we are ramping up our active participation in forest saving initiatives. We will be supporting action groups that save well known forests like the Redwoods in California, the Peruvian Amazon and the rainforests of Madagascar. And for those of you who wish to broaden your understanding of deforestation, we will share news of the positive steps people all over the world are taking, and in doing so help identify those areas which are in deepest need of our support.

As promised, this series - #EchoChamberDisruption - is about recommending organisations, groups and individuals for you to follow / like / share, who are doing amazing work in this field, so that you can discover more.  This month we have the first 3 recommendations for you. We sincerely hope that you learn something – we certainly did!

Agent Green

Headed up by Gabriel Paun, biologist and conservationist, Agent Green has been working for the past 10 years to halt the rampant destruction of Romania’s primeval forests. Yes, there are still some left in Europe!

The last bastion of this ancient European landscape is on the far reaches of Eastern Europe, where wolves and bears still roam wild. As Western brands and multinationals fight for resources, the poorer countries in Europe are being seduced by massive furniture and timber companies who are alleged to pay bribes to these governments to log inside National Parks! Agent Green is at the forefront of this fight, documenting the illegal logging and releasing evidence to the press and government in an attempt to try and stop it.

To learn more about Agent Green, their efforts and how we are supporting them, check out their website.

ARC Amazon

Direct action to stop illegal logging in Peru. When the Peruvian government ran a new highway through a remote part of the Amazon Rainforest, it opened up a massive opportunity for logging companies to gain access to untapped hard woods. By the river and under the new bridge, the trucks pull up and launch boats, travelling up stream to cut down huge trees which are then floated down river to be picked up, loaded, and driven away.  ARC Amazon is a non-profit organisation that has bought land on both sides of this river, just upstream of the new highway. By setting a permanent camp on both river banks, and using nets tensioned across the water, they are guarding the entrance to the rainforest and stopping the deforestation. Tentsile has been donating Tree Tents so that their team of volunteers always has a comfortable, dry place to call base camp while they protect the trees and Tribes that live upstream.

To learn more about ARC Amazon, the work they do, how to get involved and how Tentsile is supporting them, visit their website.  

Alt-National Parks Service

Since the new United States administration took office, we have seen radical changes to the policies governing National Parks and Public Land that have been carefully put in place over the last 60 years. These policies had been written into legislation to help protect and preserve the amazing beauty and delicate balance of the American natural landscape. Some states are abandoning their pledge to protect public land, opening it up to the possibility of polluting industries and human construction. In doing so they fail to keep these spaces free for use by all, for the purposes of recreation, health and freedom. The world is changing. The people in the National Parks are not very happy about it. Their aim is to preserve this land for the people to enjoy, and for the natural world to exist without interference or threat.

To learn more about this brand new movement, visit their page.

Alex Shirley-Smith
Tagged: Sustainability