2017 just seems to be getting more and more exciting! Certainly, in the world of Tony and his global challenge, things are getting off to a flying start. That’s right, a few weeks ago Tony flew out to Costa Rica to see if he could take the next chapter of his story to Central America, and true to his word that he would deliver some exciting news by Spring, lo and behold, we can see the beginnings of something special for Tentsile. Well done, Tony.

Yes, we know it’s early days - very early days - and we are still waiting on a whole lot of information as to how and when exactly this camp will get off the ground (Excuse the pun!). Certainly, between Tony’s reports of intermittent internet connections and fourteen hour days - not to mention his mandatory sampling of the local snorkelling facilities, jungle hiking, swimming, kayaking equipment and the quality of the sand for sunbathing – it has been hard to get a full update on the specifics, but it seems there is lots get excited about.

For example, we know the location is in Western Costa Rica on the Pacific Coast, looking west - yes, you are already imaging the long sunsets over the ocean! And we know it is in the Drake Bay Area, so named after the 16th Century privateer Sir Francis Drake who, as legend has it, buried lots of stolen treasure here. And we also know that the camp is near Corcovado National park, part of the Osa Conservation Area, considered the jewel in the crown of the extensive system of biological reserves spread across Costa Rica. In other words, at this cross-roads where diverse jungle meets the big blue sea there is no getting away from the fact that a Tentsile Experience Camp at this location will offer a very exciting blend of historical adventure and natural beautiful. Of course, we still need to know the finer points, like how many tents will be available, and how we get to book a stay at this camp, but who wants to get bogged down in such detail at this stage. No, let’s stay in the world fantasy for a while longer, because there is no denying the scene is set for something very special indeed.

All we need to decide now is whether we classify this Tentsile camp under Tony’s Jungle location criteria or his beach location criteria. Or whether we simply give in and call it both. After all, if you can walk out of the jungle onto golden sand beach, it seems we may have no choice. Some decision are just too hard to make.

Jethro Shirley-Smith