So, as you will know from the launch of #ChallengeTony, we’ve challenged Tony to set up 10 Tentsile Experience Camps by the end of 2017.

Ah, we hear you say, poor Tony. 10 camps in a year? Really? We barely have one fully fledged Tentsile eco-camp, how can he possibly get 10 off the ground (excuse the pun!).

But come on, we wouldn’t have set the challenge if we didn’t think he could do it. We’re not that mean! And trust us, he can do it. He can do many things. We’ve seen him achieve some fairly herculean feats, so we figure it’s fair.

And would you believe, in true Tony style, he has already made some progress – only two weeks into the challenge! With the Nuukiso camp in Finland gearing up for the forthcoming season, Tony is already talking about setting up another three camps across Finland – maybe even more. True, these won’t strictly be Tentsile Experience Camps, set up for and by Tentsile, but they will still offer the experience of Tree Tent camping - just appended to an already existing campsite. It’s a good start. The Tentsile experience is still valid. It all counts. Either way, with their high respect for nature and the outdoors, Finland will continue to lead the world in environmentally friendly camping with Tentsile. It will be the new Nordic way.

But it is not just the Nordics that Tony seems to be sorting out.

No, Tony has cleverly conceived of three other categories of Tentsile Experience Camps other than the Nordics: Beach, Jungle and Mountain. This diversification will offer a range of different Tentsile Experiences. A catalogue, if you will. You can sit on your sofa, thinking of your next holiday, and ponder to yourself: “I had a forest Tentsile Experience already. Now I would like a beach experience. I’d better phone Tony and see what’s available”. Only, you won’t need to phone Tony, because you’ll be able to look up what’s available near you from a new Tentsile Experience website we’re designing (watch this space for news on this!).

Of course, if you want a Beach Tentsile Experience in Europe you may have to wait a while, as we haven’t got anything lined up yet (come on, Tony, stop being so lazy!). But if you’re looking for a Cocktail Chili Guaro whilst looking out to sea or walking across some golden sands, look no further than Central America. Because, believe it or not, Tony is working closely with a camp in Costa Rica, which may potentially have something ready for you by the spring. That’s right, a real Tentsile experience in Central America.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. Because Tony is also talking with a similar project in Thailand. What? Yes, you read that right. Thailand. Of course, there’s still a long way to go - locations and finer points are still to be discussed - but the point is it’s coming… it’s out there, it’s part of the excitement. The Tentsile Beach Experience is on its way…Believe it!

Get your towel and SUP board ready… #ChallengeTony will have some more news very soon. Stay tuned!


Jethro Shirley-Smith