Forget The Tent—Go Camping With These Hammocks

The tent is at the forefront of many campers’ minds when heading off into the woods for a weekend. After all, sleeping in a tent (as opposed to a house or fancy RV) is really what makes camping, well, camping! Truth is, having a tent-option is important. Packability, comfort, warmth, and convenience are all components of a tent that are highly sought after.

But, what if all of these qualities were available in a hammock? Well, now they are. Here are some of our suggestions for the best camping hammocks (and tree tents) that will allow you to lighten your load and hang around in the trees!

Solo 1-Person Mesh Hammock

1-Person Hammock

The Solo 1-Person Mesh Hammock is one of the best camping hammocks for solo, thru-hikers. Carrying one of these hammocks will save the hiker an incredible amount of space and weight. That will help improve their hiking experience, and it’ll shorten camp-setup time, making more time for relaxation and sleep.

The hammock is made from a robust mesh material and is very spacious. At 9-feet long, it will fit even the tallest campers in the group. This hammock is also very versatile. It can, of course, be used on its own as a 1-person sleeping hammock. However, you can also attach it to the bottom of any one of our tree tents to add another sleeping space below it! The hammock can be set up in the wilderness after a day of thru-hiking, or at home in the garden on a standard hammock stand.

The black mesh that makes up the hammock is breathable and perfect for staying cool on hot summer nights—whether you’re in the backyard or on the other side of the globe.

Safari Connect 2-Person Tree Tent

2-Person Tree Tent - Safari Connect

Our Safari Connect 2-Person Tree Tent is a popular choice for winter campers who want to keep their tents off the snow-covered ground. The tent is suspended off the ground between 3 anchor points. With this tent, not only is there no need to find level ground, you don’t even need to find a clearing in the shrubs. If necessary, you can set up this tree tent right above thick vegetation.

The tent is very comfortable, with a taut and tensioned surface that’s perfect for any sleeping position—stomach, back, or side sleepers can rejoice. The tent offers superb protection, just attach the included rainfly to make it waterproof, warm, and ready for any season. Campers will be glad to know that this tree tent also contains built-in insect mesh, allowing you to enjoy the surrounding scenery without the fear of bug invaders.

This tree tent includes:

  • 1 x Connect 2-Person Tree Tent with built-in insect mesh
  • 1 x 8000 hydrostatic head rainfly
  • 2 x 8.5mm diameter anodized aluminum alloy poles
  • 3 x Heavy-duty ratchet buckles (2.5-ton breaking strength)
  • 3 x 6m/19ft polyester straps
  • 4 x Low-impact giant yellow screw pegs
  • 3 x Watergates, bungee cords, and spare hooks

Trilogy 6-Person Super Tree Tent

6-Person Tree Tent - Trilogy Super

Finally, we come to the pinnacle, the Trilogy 6-Person Super Tree Tent. Can you imagine a camping experience more fun than hanging from the trees, in a comfortable space, with a group of up to 6 people?

Like the 2-person tent, this tent defies bugs, weather conditions, and all seasons. If you’re hiking in with this many people, you can all carry a piece of the tent to lower pack weight and size. The main feature of this tent is the dome centerpiece that truly makes this into a super tent!

The tent has a very large capacity. It can hold 6 adults for a total of up to 1200 kg—or 2645 lbs! Oh, and as the cherry on top, the Trilogy Super Tree Tent can also split apart into 3 separate, 2-person tents! Can your regular ground tent do that?
Ryan W