It’s that wonderful time of year when the days are getting longer, and the weekends are too! With a bunch of long weekends this month we thought you might be looking for some inspiration on how to make the most of your extra days in the sun (Tentsile style, obviously.)

Take a break in Nature - kick back with friends in the forest, woodlands or park.

There really is nothing better than relaxing under the trees. Maybe it’s something to do with the breeze in the branches, and the gentle whoosh of the leaves…. the sway of the hammock… (Can you tell we wrote this blog from the woods?). We are giving Forest bathing an upgrade with our multi person hammocks - designed for communal hangouts from sunny beach, to shady glade. Our bestseller, the Trillium 3.0 is bigger than it looks - able to comfortably accommodate 3 adults stretched out in full chill mode. Add a Tentsile drinks holder to the hatch to keep your beverage steady, and you are set. It doesn’t always need to be an overnight affair, just a few hours of escape from the city grind is sometimes all it takes!

Car camping with the kids – an overnight adventure to remember

One wonderful way to spend time with our families over the long weekend, is an overnight camping adventure with the little ones. A family favourite for a reason, the Stingray 3 person Tree Tent is perfect for this job. Sturdy, spacious, and comfy - it’s a family tent that will last for years. Add a Trillium hammock and a rope ladder below for an extra spot for kids to play (that’ll keep them occupied for a bit!) while the grown ups relax and enjoy the view of the canopy above.

As always, pick a location that meets your needs and do your research to make sure it has all the amenities you need for your family to stay overnight. Check out and for US campsite contact info, and Campanyon in Europe

You can also check out our new Map of Tentsile friendly locations (not an exhaustive list, we’re working on it!) to see if there’s anywhere near you welcoming guests with a Tree Tent. 

Take a Hammock hike

After a brisk morning hike up to your favourite viewpoint, take a minute (or an hour)  to unwind and soak up the awesome scenery.  Our two person T-Mini double hammock is lightweight enough to pack out for a day hike and will elevate your rest spot - so you can take the weight off and float above it all for a bit of reflection time in the wilderness.

Take the pups, the partner, or just your own company for a spot of mind clearing exercise in the fresh air.


Kirstie Grego