Over the past few years the travel landscape has changed dramatically. Following several successive years of upheaval, with the aftershocks of COVID still fresh and facing a cost of living crisis - people have found ways to adapt their leisure habits and travel behaviour. As many feel the pinch a little more on their overheads, the luxury of international travel and lavish holidays has become less of a draw - replaced instead with a steep rise in interest in alternative, cheaper, travel options. Enter, the Staycation. 

Broadly referring to travel in ones own State or Country, and sometimes even staying as close to home as your own backyard, this new trend in simpler adventures has seen a surge in demand for Outdoors Gear and Apparel. So too has the appetite for new Outdoors pursuits grown, as people look for activities that are both fun and cost efficient. 

Now, obviously we are biased. But a Tree Tent or Giant Hammock is worth considering if you’re looking to invest in a new camping shelter that will last for years to come. Not only will you have a portable suspended shelter to keep you up away from damp, muddy, bumpy ground conditions and wildlife, in the long run you stand to save a fortune on accommodation! 

The average cost a week’s stay in a hotel for two in the USA is around $1800. Of course on top of that, there are plenty of other expenses - food, drink, gas and excursions all add to that total, but that will be true whatever kind of holiday you plan to go on. Compare that to picking up one of our Stingray Lite 3 person Tree Tents ($599) - which after the initial outlay costs as little as $25 per night to claim your pitch at a campsite. 

There are a growing number of locations that accept Tentsile tents, which we’ll come on to shortly. Before that though, there is one other option to consider. For those of us who need a little more convincing of the joys of sleeping in the trees before making that kind of purchase (my budget conscious partner, for example) there’s the option to try before you buy at a site that offers Tree Tents to rent out for a short stay. Whether it’s a wilderness retreat in the nearby National Forests, a break just outside of the city limits, or an exclusive glamping experience with fairy lights, snuggly throws and all - we have a bunch of locations that now offer that service. 

To check out where you can camp in a Tentsile - either your own, or one that is set up ready for an overnight glamping experience - check out the following resources and start planning your Summer adventures today (it’s never to early!) 

Tentsile Map 

We’ve recently put together a map which is a great place to start your search. Find a healthy mix of Tentsile friendly locations to explore. 

*Note: This is not an exhaustive list - more will be added soon!  We update details regularly but always recommend you contact the site directly ahead of travel to ensure listings are up to date and for booking enquiries. 


Hipcamp.com - A fantastic resource to help you find campsites near you - book direct or use as a starting point for research. 

Airbnb.com - As above

Recreation.org - Everything you’ll ever need to plan a trip in the USA - including helpful resources and guidance on best practice when travelling through American wild spaces. 


We’ve partnered up with Campanyon here in Europe, and using their campsite search you can filter by locations that invite people to bring their own Tree Tents.

However you plan to holiday this season, you can bet one of our Tree Tents or Hammocks will add to the experience. Whether it’s as your temporary abode for adventures the kids will remember forever, or an easy to pack and pitch multi-person hammock to rest your weary legs for a spell - your comfort in the outdoors is guaranteed to go up a notch. 

Kirstie Grego